This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 16 May 2017 00:00 /
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By  Dave_Davington  |  30

Eh, we all have brainfarts. I remember during a high school exam, I forgot how to spell "quick". I ended up writing "kwik" then crossing it out twice before my brain finally got its shit together.

By  Randomness911  |  12

If this is her normal self, what is she like under pressure?? She is the stupidity that is someones job security.

By  mariri9206  |  32

Well, how was she trying to spell it? More information needed before determining if she (the customer) was being an idiot or not.

  mariri9206  |  32

Also, LaLa, I was thinking exactly this.

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