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By girl - / Wednesday 26 December 2018 20:00 /
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  StagGT  |  12

They're not saying they wouldn't do it, nor were they saying that they were ungrateful to their parents, just that it might be an impossible task. Check yourself and chill.

  chosha_fml  |  25

Complaining about something is nothing. They were looking forward to relaxing after their exams and now they have a huge task to help with. That’s fair to complain about as long as they still help.

By  Quasita  |  24

This post is written as if they are surprised to find out that their parents need help... but they had to have known their parents had moved to a new house.

Moving them *in* to the house is easy. It's the packing of a hoarder's items that is the difficult part. I highly suspect that they are being a bit dramatic to even refer to their mother as such. If mom has a psychological issue and struggles with emotional attachment to things, moving them into a new space is a great opportunity to help her.

Maybe it sucks to not have an automatic relaxation time but if you're staying with your parents between your school sessions, you should be glad you have a space in their new home. Too many people feel entitled to having a home in their parents' home.
Use this as an opportunity to help her and your dad. Help mom with her attachments, and help dad with his enablement tendencies. Set boundaries and stick to them.

  riley873  |  17

It's not that simple and if they're 18-23ish they'll have no clue HOW to do these things. Hoarding has degrees of severity like anything else. Mom needs professional help and hearing that from her child probably won't go over well. (voice of experience)
Also, you can't help someone who won't first help themselves.

By  404wan  |  11

you "have to" and they "expect it done"? so they dont even intend to help? i'm all for helping your parents, but i think some people in this comment section are not aware how much university, and especially finals, can absolutely drain you. you should help them of course, but if they expect you to do all this yourself over the course of your short vacation you very much need, i'd say celebrate christmas in your dorm, rest and relax and fuck them.
and to the person saying children should not expect a place in their parents house: your parents chose to have you, in that moment they took responsibility for your life, health and happiness, and should care for you and support you when you need it. if you dont think so i hope you dont have children.

By  avertle  |  7

Is anyone going to point out that this post was posted December 26th (The day AFTER Christmas) and the post says Christmas is in 2 weeks?!? Please tell me I’m not the only one who noticed this

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