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By Doortje - United Kingdom - Sheffield
Today, after a year of saving up and travelling for 14 hours, we were denied entrance at the Indian border because there was a rip in my boyfriend's passport. The reason for the rip? He used one of the pages to roll a joint. FML
Doortje tells us more :
Follow up! We flew home together. To be honest, it didn't even occur to me to go without him. It was a very weird and stressful situation, badly handled by the Indian authorities. I was DEFINITELY pissed off, and spoke the words "That'd better have been the best fucking high of your fucking life". But I also knew that he'd used his passport for this purpose when he was 19 (we were 25 at the time this happened), and he was extremely sorry. We got home, he applied for an emergency passport, and 10 days later we were at the Indian border again, this time letting him through (after an agonising 40 min!). He borrowed money of his parents to be able to afford our new flights, and I didn't have to pay him back :) As they say, comedy = tragedy + time. It's been two years since this happened and I'm slowly getting to a point where it's actually a funny story, which is why I decided to submit it to FML. I'm not too surprised about the huge amounts of YDI, because it was an extremely idiotic thing to do - I mean, seriously, who uses their passport as roach?!?! But it was done when he was young and stupid, and he's definitely grown up since then ;)
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By  rubberduck_of_doom  |  31

I`d have deadass gone on ahead without him!!! I'd love to go to India, this has been on my list for ages. Nothing could've stopped me getting in the country. If he's stupid enough to treat his most important travel document this way then he doesn't deserve to travel!!!