By briang959 - 30/01/2015 23:28 - United States - Thomaston

Today, a booklet came in the mail, addressed to me and titled "How To Train Your Wife". I didn't order it but my wife doesn't believe me. FML
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briang959 tells us more.

I'm the OP. Thankfully my wife has a good sense of humor. We eventually found out some of our friends did this as a joke. :). Time to pay the prank forward. The comments are hilarious, BTW.

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If you look, the first chapter gauges your ability to control your wife's reaction to seeing it.


If he didn't order it why should he get the dog house? I honestly don't think that's fair

Of course it's not fair, but the wife still thinks he ordered it.

If he helps pay for the house then he gets to sleep inside. If she has a problem then SHE can sleep in the doghouse/on the couch.

#15: That doesn't mean he should have to sleep there that's still messed up

#9 There could have been an address typo. Best OP should do is make a flyer around the neighborhood or something saying he's got the book. or he can just keep it.

#17 you said "helps" pay for the house, as in she pays too. So if he's the one that's done something wrong (I say IF as he said he didn't order it) than he should be the one on the couch and if she's the one that's done something wrong, she sleeps on the couch :)

I agree, if he didn't order the book, then he has nothing to be ashamed of. If he did then he does have something to be ashamed of.

Someone just took pranking to the next level

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Oh yeah, that's going to be a sequel to How to train your dragon. they're similar species after all.

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I would love to be a dragon! Lol

Being a dragon would be amazing! I want to be a Night Fury!

The only people who would ever ask that have obviously never been married.

You're right, I just want to be prepared.

Sounds like it could be a crazy Ex taking a prime opportunity

That moment when she ordered it as grounds for divorce.

If you look, the first chapter gauges your ability to control your wife's reaction to seeing it.

That's your story, and you're stickin' to it!