By briang959 - United States - Thomaston
Today, a booklet came in the mail, addressed to me and titled "How To Train Your Wife". I didn't order it but my wife doesn't believe me. FML
briang959 tells us more :
I'm the OP. Thankfully my wife has a good sense of humor. We eventually found out some of our friends did this as a joke. :). Time to pay the prank forward. The comments are hilarious, BTW.
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  1dvos_grl3  |  21

#9 There could have been an address typo. Best OP should do is make a flyer around the neighborhood or something saying he's got the book. or he can just keep it.

  I_Bite  |  22

#17 you said "helps" pay for the house, as in she pays too. So if he's the one that's done something wrong (I say IF as he said he didn't order it) than he should be the one on the couch and if she's the one that's done something wrong, she sleeps on the couch :)