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By anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Australia

Today, my Dad's banjo arrived, as part of his mid-life crisis. It would be fine if he could play it but unfortunately he's tone deaf. He hasn't stopped playing it for the last 4 hours. FML
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*twang* *twang* Wow! I'm really good at this!

Wait until dad goes to the bathroom, then cut the strings, then run away. When he comes looking act all sorry, even work up a tear or two to show dad how bad you feel that he was sold a defective banjo. Something like this: DAD..."Look what happened to my banjo! Do you know anything about this?" YOU... "No dad. OH MY GOD, what happened? Dad, those bastards sold you a defective banjo (sniff, sniff). I saw a show about the banjo scammers on 60 minutes (small sobbing cry). You had better return that right away. Besides dad, you're wayyy to intelligent and talented to play the banjo. I think a man of your abilities needs to do something cool, like model ship building. You would rock at that!"


*twang* *twang* Wow! I'm really good at this!

Hey maybe he will get better with all of the practice?

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Yeah and they could name it Mumford and sons! Oh wait.

If it makes him happy let him play the damn banjo!

At least he doesn't sing? Tough break, OP. Maybe you should look into a good pair of noise-reducing headphones. Or get him to play outside...

I'll bring my tambourine we can have a jam session

I'll bring my whiskey jug and harmonica.

I'll bring my electric washboard and amp!

I'll bring my triangle.

Sorry to hear that must be annoying. :(

That's not that bad, some dad's do a lot worse things in their midlife-crisis. Let him have some fun, it'll end some day. Some day..

for my dads midlife crisis he fucked my moms best friend

Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. You should write a book about that.

2 I see what you did there

I feel bad for your dad.

That0therguy 4

I would agree.

D37H100 5

I would also like to agree.

Ouchy, fyl, hope he stops or YOU will be tone deaf haha (just kidding)

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Do you live in Belton?

Good luck concentrating on your work ;)

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Well, maybe if he keeps practicing he'll eventually get better?

threaten to move out -

That's a good thing....

nublets 12

Probably be more of a blessing to him anyway

cbdee 8

Tranquilize him!

You should get a drum set and say your joining him :D and when you both suck maybe he'll give up

I would've broken it

Play the jug! The jug! Not the drums.

cptmorgan6 8

Would it be fine if he could play it? Would it?

Actually a guy on YouTube managed to play a slayer song on a banjo. So, it wouldn't be bad if he could play some cool songs.