'Tis the season to be jolly, falalala lala la la

By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my mom hung her new "Christmas Clock" on the wall. It plays a different Christmas carol every hour, on the hour. It's only December 2nd and I'm already starting to understand why suicide rates sky rocket this time of year. FML
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My work plays Miley Cyrus Christmas songs. I work 8 hour shifts...

Tis the season


Tis the season

To be jolly, fulalalala lala la laaaa

Deck the Halls with Blood-Bath folly, falalalala, la la la la.

Unfortunately it often extends beyond the season, in my house we have a similar clock, which my mother refuses to take down until the batteries die... It's been going off every hour on the hour for over a year now- it's to the point where anytime that I look at a clock on the hour (not at home) I hear the corresponding song

76-find dead batteries from some other appliance when you can, wait until she isnt home and put the dead batteries in place of the not dead ones. or topple it on the ground so it no longer plays and jist act like it fell off the hook on the wall or something.

Rockin' around, the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday...

i almost know how you feel we had this clock that would make bird sounds every hour and THANK GOD that batteries can't last forever lol

go kill yourself already

My work plays Miley Cyrus Christmas songs. I work 8 hour shifts...

And you haven't done yourself in? You have more will then lots of others... Good luck at work man. You need it.

stevenJB 25

This is the real FML

Try the Justin Bieber Christmas album. It makes me want to slit my throat.

At first glance I thought you said you wanted to $hit your throat...I was both amazed and confused at your reaction. Well played.

23- my Spanish teacher has had Pandora on either Justin Bieber Christmas or Reggae Christmas...it sucks.

My math teacher plays used-to-be-popular rap songs. 24/7. She only has five songs. Next week she's buying the Justin Bieber album.

I read that as "8 hour shits" and it made more sense.

Bless you, gentle person. THAT is true sainthood!

Do you somehow work at a pot factory and are the only one whom thc doesn't affect?

Tis the season to drop 50 bucks on a pair of noise canceling headphones

Noise canceling headphones, a wonderful invention for these situations.

Really? I thought it was those retarded 2012 believers.

The word 'retarded' is so offensive and rude. Expand your vocabulary.

"Lunatics", "nutters" or "pond creatures" would have been better ways to describe people who believe in the 2012 thing.

Yeah, calling them retarded is just offensive to people with actual mental disabilities who know better than to believe in that shit!

My next door neighbors set up singing Christmas lights that can be heard from a block away.... I feel your pain.

Guilty of loving this whole month of holiday cheer! I agree though, the music can sometimes be overkill.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that they dont mind running up their electric bill and keep them on until 2am...

Sometimes police can and are willing to help there. It is noise pollution and a violation of your rights.

Trust me, I'm looking into it haha.

On the first hour of christmas clock, my true love gave to me A shotgun in a pear tree On the second hour of christmas clock my true love gave to me Two molotovs and a shotgun in a pear tree On the third hour of chirstmas clock my true love gave to me three epipens Two molotovs and a shotgun in a pear tree

Left4Dead! Love love love.

Not quite the Left4Dead I was going for.

The only cure for the clock is a baseball bat.

Damn right!

Or just move out, then OP gets to decide whatever furniture go in his house

#44 - Obviously, moving out is the perfect solution. Isn't it? I mean, when I become annoyed with my parents furniture, the first thought that comes to mind is, "hey, I think I should move out because this furniture is annoying me." Are you stupid?

Odd, isn't the combined annoyances of being in your parents house the reason most people move out? Our is that too mainstream these days? I have noticed a lot of people finding excuses and coping methods to allow themselves to stay at home for most of a decade longer than was customary a generation ago.

Tis the season to throw a jingle bell rock at the clock.

Bricks are more festive.

Move the clock to your mom's bedroom. She gets more of the music she loves and you get sanity.