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By omfgmaya - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - Denmark

Today, my boyfriend took me to his place to meet his parents. When they saw me, they laughed. FML
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Maybe they were relieved he brought home a real girl instead of an imaginary one...

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Wow, what assholes


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Wow, what assholes

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There's innumerable(spelling?) reasons why they laughed. I feel like there's missing info here

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Maybe she has little stubby arms or a hairy vagina face

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Or maybe they were high... they had that haze.

Maybe they were relieved he brought home a real girl instead of an imaginary one...

...or a drawn one...

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Your username doesn't fit you... You obviously don't have a brain. "I FOURTHEEE that wut aassholes" What exactly does that mean? Explain, please.

LOL their mean. I'm kind of afraid of this happening to me =[ Well, you don't know what they were talking about before you walked in, maybe they werent laughing at you?

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YDI for being ugly.

They laughed because it confirmed their suspicion that their son was gay and was dating a very ugly man.

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oo ouch...


i had something to say, but it isnt nearly as funny as i won't bother. and ty, plex, for making the comments on this site better than the FML's have been so far today

plexico tht was harsh!!!!!!!!! but i cant stop laughing!

illustration time :D

Um...... maybe they were laughing at something else..... no i don't think so. FYL.

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ahhh that sucks. :( hey, you never know, maybe they thought their son was gay, and they were shocked? anywho good luck with the relationship.

or maybe they were relieved he didn't bring home a mexican. i hate mexicans. or perhaps his parents were glad he didn't turn out gay. El Salvador pride!