By hobbled - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, from across the parking lot, I saw a woman break into my car and steal my "Handicapped parking" placard. Guess why I couldn't stop her. FML
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At least you aren't mentally handicapped like that bitch

What a bitch. Hopefully the cops will get her. Sorry OP.


To some extent, it seems like she needed/deserved it more since she stole it from a handicapped person.

Or you know, she was a greedy scum of a human being who will probably use it to gain access to handicapped parking.

I'm sorry, 11, but because she stole it from a person who was rightfully given that plaque for medical purposes, she "deserves" it more? What has this world come to honestly?

I'm dying to know how you came to that conclusion.

please check yourself into a mental hospital. you can't seriously believe that what you just said is a valid excuse.

I dare you to go steal from a food bank and see how well that reason holds up in court.

Please explain how your brain managed to come to this conclusion. Its eating away at me that someone could even for a second start to think that she deserved it more than the handicapped person who went through the process of getting one IN THEIR NAME.

Everyone calm down. They were clearly saying that if you'd steal a handicap placard, you obviously have some mental deficiency worthy of being considered handicapped.

If the thief actually needed a handicapped placard, then she would have gotten one legally.

#11 What are you, retarded?

If she busted your window, then you would have some proof that she stole it. I hope that everything turns out ok for you. I'm sorry, OP.

damn...thats salty sorry op

So this lady is risking jail time for a good parking spot. SMH

Don't put all of us Americans in the same group as this woman.

No ydi's yet. Wow. Progress.

That sucks op. I hate how their are people like that in this world, she'll get what's coming to her

That's absolutely despicable. How messed up must you be to steal from so one who is handicapped.

Damn, that's fucked up.

Now that's all sorts of fucked up.

I hope she trips and falls to hell on the way home