By hobbled - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, from across the parking lot, I saw a woman break into my car and steal my "Handicapped parking" placard. Guess why I couldn't stop her. FML
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At least you aren't mentally handicapped like that bitch

What a bitch. Hopefully the cops will get her. Sorry OP.


What a bitch. Hopefully the cops will get her. Sorry OP.

Are there records kept for handicapped placards, so you could report it stolen just as you would if the car itself were stolen?

You are exactly right. I have a tag, and it is registered to me. I have seen cops enter the number into their car computer and check them out. Absolutely report it.

Most places should also have surveillance cameras watching their parking lots

So sorry OP. Hopefully you either get it back, or get a replacement soon :/

In my state at least everyone is given their own number at the DMV and is issued a handicap license with a their picture and the number of their hanging placard.

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FYL OP, that just sucks. Don't worry, karma's gonna be a bitch to her

Agreed. On that same note, why would anyone say that this individual "deserved it"?

Miss clicks mostly I think. Hopefully she will either get caught or someone hobbles her.

If you are browsing FML via the app, the FYL button can glitch and clicks can appear as YDI(happened to me last night)

That happened to me. Sorry OP!

Wow, what a douche! Karma will come back to get her soon enough...

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Hopefully a prison sentence for theft and damage of personal property, or worse. All this grief caused for a painted plot of tar....

Wow, that is a new level of low

At least you aren't mentally handicapped like that bitch

I think morally handicapped would have been a better term.

That is so screwed up.

That's a really bitchy thing to do

I'm curious how you were across the parking lot when the handicap parking are always closes to the building.

its possible that they didnt park in the disabled park (you know assholes always take thise) maybe not, but it is a theory.

Where the handicap parking space might depend on where the ramp is. In older buildings or particularly small lots the handicap ramp might have to wrap around the building, making the closest parking spot to the ramp not necessarily the absolute closest parking spot to the building.

At my local coffee shop, people always park in the handicapped spot to "run in to grab a quick coffee", forcing me to park across the lot when I need the spot. I usually put my placard up anyway as a passive way of being mad. This FML is making me reconsider that move.

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Maybe she was at Walmart? Where the handicap parking is near the entrance, but then the exit is on the whole other side of the building lol

It sounds like you haven't invested in a rocket powered wheel chair yet.

Sorry OP! That woman is not mentally stable. Call the cops if you can describe her