Spooky season

By soccerbuddyz - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I got a complaint from my neighbor about a little girl staring at her through my guest bedroom window for the past month. I live alone. Now I'm scared to live in my own house. FML
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tundraman07 0

total prank

tht's creepy as hell . D:


tundraman07 0

total prank


call ghost hunters i think that is there name

guckylynn 19

I agree. The neighbor probably is trying to get OP to move.

#1 can you realky trust your neighbor? Btw, I couldn't sleep in my house if something like that happened to me! o_O'

Even if it WAS a prank I'd be scared shitless! FYL

hey the neighbor should be scared not op

grab your camera and record from outside in a bush, then next night record from inside and watch the tapes. be ur own ghost hunter :P

violetdabomb 0

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Perhaps she sees dead people?

nativepimp 1

ah I'm totally doing that to someone

lemlikesrainbows 0

Wait, isn't it ghost busters not ghost hunters?

woody768 0

Lol I agree with 57 ^^

u don't need to be a dick 113

Kn0wledge123 21

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy...

ledstratdak 0

Am I the only one that thinks that seducing the ghost is the only solution

Its always a little girl at the window. Y

guitgod1 11

not sure if trolling...

enonymous 8

Depends on what little girl. The ones from the shining? The ring? Or the one from flowers in the attic.

UrLyfSuxx 0

137- So you're saying you wouldn't be scared if that happened to you? you're all talkk.

jennaizbeast 0


124- where do you see number 113 in these comments? cause I don't..

210, Comment #113 is a reply to comment #2. Not sure how the reply ended up in different places though...

most likely. but then again, there is a world we know not. But that's just me being facetious. Don't take her seriously either.

ledstratdak 0

188- no I would be very scared but my comment was a joke. who seduces a ghost?

Or maybe OP now has himself an orphan to raise!

Tori Spelling seduces a ghost in Scary Movie 2 :P


martic835 2

V.C. Andrews for the win!

TheNerdHerd 5


gabby1995pena 4


no because ghost busters catch ghosts and ghost hunters look for them

57- damn you. you beat me to the punch.

yeseniaa14 0

Me either, I would move out

Ya maybe your neighbour doesnt like you and wants to scare you away?

Ok, so say your house was haunted by a little girl? So what. You've probably lived there for a while without knowing such. Nothings different just because you know. It's not like she's going to kill you or paralyze you with fear. Do some research, get a psychic. Also, get a lie detector just to be safe from that neighbor of yours, she could be trollin you...

103- No, they meant ghost hunters. It's a show.

tell her you want a picture of this girl!

sylverdrag_fml 9

Solution is simple enough: Ask the neighbor to call you when that happens.

cimh 9

Hope not the one from the ring! :)

MrKrustyKrab 0

Tweet Zac Bagans on twitter. from ghost adventure Crew. he will investigate ;)

Somebody call scooby doo. We have a mystery on our hands.

Ghost hunters is also a series from sci fi



why did people thumb down 52 he has a point I wouldn't be scared either just because my neighbor said something.

go get some ghost busters!!!

Silent Hill? Or Fear?

fthislyfe 22

please! don't mess with silent hill.

I love the games, heh.

fthislyfe 22

I don't love them, I die for them! That's why I asked him/her not to mess with it.

Wait, who? :D

fthislyfe 22

yes IDK why! Women, and kids. they're scary! really! men are not really scary. when they're trying to make an extremely terrifying horror movie, they usually have female characters. especially kids...why's that?

No real idea, but the feeling of Silent Hill, and the story just makes me speechless, it's just so epic. Silent hill has to be one of the best game series I played.

fthislyfe 22

oops, sorry. by him/her i mean YOU :D

It's all good, I'm still confused tho. Lmfao.

They use women and children to make them seem more vulnerable. This adds to the suspense and makes it all the more epic when they beat the killer/monster.

29- look at your profile picture, that should answer your question...

ReynshineCutting 10

Silent Hill = epic win

coolboy6 0

insidious was scary

They use children because children usually symbolize purity and innocence.. twisting that into something grotesque and evil makes for great horror.

Or Samantha from Zombies on CoD

Has anyone seen Ju-on? Terrifying.

You think that counts as a scary child? No, my friend. ALMA from F.E.A.R. - the first THAT IS SCARY AS BALLS

Insidious sucked.

Option 1: Move out Option 2: Join a task force, fight bad guys, and impregnate the demon girl.

Because they seem more innoccent

Because women and children seem more innoccen

yusostupid12 0

You should shoot your neighbor then blow up your house that will show that ghost who's boss.

Ghost Busters!

If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call?

Muliar 0

A Russian?

#76 I love your profile picture :D

your profile pic fits perfectly with your idea of a solution


ireallylikewomen 0

someone already used that joke nimrod

Glitterhinoceros 14

I believe she was just finishing the next line of the song, you Imbecile

Call ghost busters! :O

Better yet. Us, the miami ghostbusters!!! Www.facebook.com/miamighostbusters

jennaizbeast 0

Haha that's what I said!!!!

"Beeeep.. We're sorry but the number you're dialing has been laaaamme since 1989"

laplander_fml 0

This reminds me of insidious

MyNameIsBruce 0

Who ya gonna call? Wes Craven! Buna-buna-buna-bun-da!

Or Sam and Dean. Hunting things, the family business.

tht's creepy as hell . D:

It's freaked me out reading this :|

GogoTheGreat 12

Call the Ghostbusters!

I like the Ghost Adventures crew better!

Ghost Hunters is the best. :)

ReynshineCutting 10

I dunno. When Zak freaks out it's pretty epic.


Sounds like a bad horror movie..

Move out don't try to solve it ull end up like every other person that stay .. Dead then they make a movie bout you.

You watch too much movies!

oxxxjackyxxxo 3

i hate it wen ignorant ppl use "mexicans" for all hispanics... smh it still made me lol tho ^_^

You mean those tales of fiction?

Mipz 2

That almost never happens -_-

I don't know, he could be right. Those Amityville movies were inspired by supposedly true events.

MerrikBarbarian 9

the murders did indeed happen. as for insanity- it's possible if the house was older (which it was) it was leaking lead, chromium, arsenic or any number of heavy metal poisons which used to be used in construction and can cause insanity.

patshie 0


takeapieandrun 9

You should start doing it too

yusostupid12 0

While holding a hatchet and wearing a clown mask.

Ask how she looked.