School project [gone sexual]

By Cail - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had to give a presentation about Adolf Hitler. I wanted to point out that he was a good speaker, and could incite passion in a crowd. Instead, what came out was, "Hitler's oral skills made everyone go wild with excitement." FML
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You assume that double meaning isn't true.

So did your oral skills titillate the student body?


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LOL haha nice

Hitler only had one ball

that is true that hitler only had one it's a good thing "grow a pair" wasn't in style back then

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If I said that and people laughed, I'd get suspended... Teachers and their assuming....

Hahaha, you have shamed yourself. FYL

how is this fml????

oral skills = oral sex 

he means dick suckery

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You assume that double meaning isn't true.

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modern society has very sick minds. you have to watch your mouth. but that is freaking hilarious!! haha sorry about that though, that would be a laugh-about-it-later moment!!

I'd laugh about it then and there

So did your oral skills titillate the student body?

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haha. I would have been.

:x I bet his skills make people wild. Eh, these days everyone is nastehh

his skills killed people ?

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Do you not know how to respond to comments?

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speach fail? woot first 10 :D