Red faces all round

By ladyhavery - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my hot co-worker had to use my computer, so he called me while I was at lunch for my login password. It was his name. FML
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kind of cute, yet embrassing! :)

Could easily have explained it as someone elses name.. which happened to be the same as his..


kind of cute, yet embrassing! :)

was it funny spelling LyK3 Th1$?

Well, THAT'S no creepy at all...

it like what you do when you're 10... :)

he he he... I agree. cute yet embarrassing

hopefully it was a common name

in soviet Russia, obsessed crazy stalker type bitches are considered weird

21 in soviet Russia obsessive stalker bitches consider you weird.

30 super duper wins.

is it candlewick?

Fail. Tell him a false password (something that makes sense and can be easily remembered). once he says that the pass isn't working, be like "I swear that that's the right one." When you arrive back at work, type the actual password in very fast and try to move your body in a way so he can't see what you've typed. Then say, "Ohhhhhh. it needed 123 after it" or something. then when he gone, change THAT to the password.

Ah the embarrasing truth will set you free you poor bastard

lmaoo that's funny : P but it's kind of cute in a way.. but still creepy. You should have told him it was your dads grandfathers friends name ; )

that's nbd say it's your fathers name , or the name of a loved one who died ?

#21 what's with you and Soviet Russia and good idea # 33 really good idea that's smart :)

nothing to sweat OP, at least he knows you're interested.

@ #33 I was gonna say something similar to that but figured someone else mentioned it before me! Well said :)

Today, I found out the creepy girl at work uses my name as her password. FML. That's a real fml, not having someone find out youre a fucking weirdo, YDI for being fat too! pfft who eats lunch.

Or just be like, he's my cousin. I figured it would be easier to remember with a coworker who has the same name. Ha ha.

21 hahaha I think it's hilarious how everyone says "in soviet russia..blah blah blah" anyways op ydi for being stupid & being a baby by making your password after some dumb ass sexy punk

ør łįkę thįš

in Russia tree climbs you.

ydi.. I'm not sure why everyone is saying it is cute.. it's creepy unless your 12 or younger.. since it was posted on fml I'm guessing the guy thought it was weird and the op didnt play it off too well

how are they going to play it off? "oh, I forgot my pw"?

eh disregard last comment lol

Unless it was his full name (at which point you you'd earn full pledged stalker title), then you should have been able to talk your way out of that.

Aren't we all missing the boat here??? OP thought that she had to give the guy her password on the first place.

Op = Original poster.

Say it's someone on your familys name. Unless OP made the persons first and last name. Lol it would have been worst if OP said their name with the persons last name.

ya seriously say it ire best friend or brothers name or something. even say it's ire boyfriends name and make em jealous

if he asked to use the computer ahead of time which is what it sounds like. then tell him you changed the password to his name so he could use it

then he logged on and saw his pic as your background? lol

Thatss... Awkward.

That's the best excuse yet 131!

#131 idk if he'd believe that OP actually took the time to do that lol, but it would be worth the try I suppose! Aghh that would be so embarrasing, especially if he already thought you liked him. Hopefully it's a common name though.

OP, I'm sorry but you kind of deserve it a little bit. I wouldn't say it's cute but, I wouldn't say it's creepy either. I guess depending on your relationship with this guy. If I found out my co-worker used my name as a password, I would be concerned lol.

#131 is what I was thinking. Unless #147 happens, then it's failure time

haha i agree w/9. must be awkward at work now.

hehe... I has the best password Evah. I don't use it anymore. but it's secure. f3u1c4k

my sentiments exaxtly

u shouldve said its also your gerbils name

I was thinking that too... but then carma can happen, god forbid. hahaa.

hahaha "dumb ass sexy punk" I lol'd but...I kinda wanna know this OP's age, and dating experience might explain it all. Otherwise, she's a stalker-san.

Could easily have explained it as someone elses name.. which happened to be the same as his..

I agree with 4.

oh, that's a good idea. honestly, though, you shouldn't be using anyone's name as your password. that's incredibly unsafe.

Exactly, I would have said its my dogs name or something

Kind of hard if he has some sort of unusual name. Try explaining Rupert or sth.

that is rather unfortunate ):

sometimes unexplainable too cos evrything just comes so sudden. it is some form of confession too... lol

haha say o it's my grandpa that died I used his name he'll go oh that's my name 2!

or tell him it's your boyfriends name, or brother, or dog...

It would have been so so easy to avoid telling him and have him wait till you got back from lunch.

STOP!!! You're killing me... No, really.

lmaooo; did you at least play it off or just sat there like an idiot?

why didn't you explain it as someone else's name? then it wouldn't have sounded as creepy...

It probably still would've sounded pretty coincidental to the guy she was telling. And there's still a chance that he wouldn't believe her anyway, but I agee - Op should've at least tried that.