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Today, my mom admitted that she always makes me put away the dishes because my obsessive compulsive tendencies force me to arrange the glasses and silverware by size, just the way she likes them. FML
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Smart mom; way to put your child's mental disorder to good use!

enonymous 8

Sounds like you found your calling. My dishwasher is full and just clean now get to work


Smart mom; way to put your child's mental disorder to good use!

Yeah, I don't see why other people do this.

True, but only if it's not very taxing on OP. If it annoys her to be unable to resist something her mom should be a bit more considerate.

Thanks, Dr. Phil.

No problem, if you thought this was helpful be sure and buy my book.

Is it available on Amazon?

fthislyfe 22

I used to be like that when I was a kid. And it was not just about dishes... Thank God it's gone now

That's thats the way I like it too, you should form a job with you mental disability.

monkeys1315 0

It's better then the mom doing it and messing it up, that would prob make op freak out

40 - Janitor, Maid, Slave, Housekeeper. Looks like we already get a few jobs for this. Looks like the unemployed OCD kids of America are to stay unemployed for now.

shaubygal 11

I have OCD and I get super pissed when someone changes things in my room or house also if something I write on a piece if paper aggravates me I have to erase it like literally 10 times

DreBeezy 9

Really! Sounds like a good quality mom to me!

delilahtealight 0

lol I'm not the only one! my mom makes me do the same!

I don't see the problem until you move out.

I hope you're joking.

22cute 17

Actually, I was thinking the same thing. Where's the problem?

JordanA1 0

She specifically does this because of the OCD... She's using her child's mental disability for her benefit

wowthatsucks5 8

I agree, I mean you're going to have to do chores anyway so why not do the ones you're good at?

What's the problem? You think your mental condition was exploited? Your mum was just using your condition to her advantage.

enonymous 8

Sounds like you found your calling. My dishwasher is full and just clean now get to work

Your moms taking advantage of your mental disorder, that sucks :/

Good way to try to overcome your OCB :D Wouldn't say YDI, but thumbs up for your mom.

sean0120 3

I think you mean OCD :)

perdix 29

No, there's OCB which is Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior which is mild form of OCD, the Disorder. I have CDO -- it's the same as OCD, except in proper alphabetical order like it needs to be.

yoshivar2002 0

Doctors will tell you anything as long as you keep buying the drugs for it...

Or you could have faith in humanity for at least a moment and believe that not every person trying to make a living is a money-grubbing fucknut.

Or… not. It's more fun that way.

perdix 29

#38 I used to have faith in humanity, but then their behavior would confuse and upset me. Now that I look at everyone as a money-grubbing fucknut, I can often successfully predict what people will do.

Well, I guess that's how you live your life.

What's wrong? It's Good to keep the house neat and tidy. And it's just the dishes. If you always keep it neat and order, there wouldn't be much work everytime u do it.

Burr520 3

Move out before u become the same way!

Be useful! Your mom maximises your 'abilties'.