Not in front of Him

By Username - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my boyfriend wouldn't kiss me because there was a picture of Superman on my shirt. FML
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is his name Robin?

Maybe he was implying for you to take your shirt off ;)


Superman is awesome! Your bf must be very lame.

just because he doesnt like superman doesn't mean he's crippled :D

Change your shirt?

Change your shirt?

you cant love another man:) hes mine

Maybe he was implying for you to take your shirt off ;)

I personally don't blame him. I don't get very turned on staring at another man.

I completely agree.- everyone knows batman is where it's at !

Batman > Everyone else 8|

Batman wins!

Superman's COOL! i bet he's on his man period and doesn't want to be touched.

batman is an emo guy with more technology then other people he's not even that poweful. and your boyfreind should be like soulja boy and superman that hoe. whatever that means. I wanna try it

you motorboatin son of a bitch!

90- nan periods do happen but they don't make up angry they make us horny....

hes sounds like a homo

Hey some people are just Batman fans...

Batman is the best because even when he isnt batman he is still a rich son of a bitch but when superman isnt superman he is just a normal guy and that sucks batman > superman

You should have said "you want me to take it off" I would have

Why does everyone like batman so much? He doesn't even have super powers!

That's what makes him amazing , he doesn't have any super powers yet he still manages to save the day ! Unlike superman and his gay gelled back hair (:

Marvel comics are way better than DC anyway. Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man. That's where it's at. Plus they're all sexy as hell in the movies. ;) Haha, I'm a Marvel girl, if you couldn't tell. :)

^ ummm nevermind. green lantern is dc. :) haha but still!!

189- Green Lantern= Yes. Spiderman, Hulk, Batman, AquaMan, X-Men= Yes. Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Superman= No. X-Men and Batman win no matter what, though.

is his name Robin?

Just take your shirt off! ;)

was he afraid he was gonna get a boner or something because otherwise that's a dumb reason not to kiss you.

No, but his dick is as swift as Robin's.

YDI because batman is cooler

sounds like your bf is jealous ;)

Who wouldn't be?

"And shes cheating on my with this idiot who wears underwear over his leotard and takes steroids!"

that shirt is his kryptonite

You're boyfriend is stupid. Superman kicks ass!

Oh, autocorrect.

your would've already been correct. you were overcorrected?

Autocorrect is being cocky, just like Google, dammit.

He refused to kiss her because Batman is cooler :p

He's Just Jealous...

bummer...I like superman =)

Is your boyfriend 6? or just dislikes superman that much? I don't see this as a fml tho

I love your sleeve!

I'm guessing he was intimidated that if he did superman might attack him?

now that's just unfortunate

Lol ur picture. "no I'm dirty Dan!"