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By Nancy - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I came home and noticed that sometime while I was at school, someone had cut off half of my ponytail. FML
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I find it funnier that no one else noticed or said something...friends much?

hahaha find out who that was and have retribution!


And... you didn't notice?

livluvlaff8 0

ik right? i can always tell when there is something wrong with my hair

Same, especially if someone CUT IT OFF. How do you not notice that? They'd at least pull on little hairs or something, if not being more obvious. I notice when someone pulls just one strand of my hair lol.

spiderman0606 0

Hair is dead. Therefore you can't feel it if it's cut. If it's pulled, then you feel it by the root. It's not "obvious".

__ShAd0w__ 0

maybe they were asleep

Um obviously hair is dead. I was more saying that when it's cut, it is pulled. Especially if it's dry and in a big bunch like in a ponytail. If they didn't cut it pretty much all at once, they'd have to cut it little by little to not be felt... And even then you'd notice someone was behind you for like 5 minutes. Lol.

And, I know because it's happened to me. I had extremely long hair and cut it off for locks of love. They cut it when it was in a ponytail.

theian01 3

You've never felt your hair being cut? I doubt that. You feel a little bit of it, even if the person holds the roots in place.

spiderman0606 0

I know where you're coming from, but if done right, it could be hard to catch. Especially if you're having a bad day, you don't look out for something like this, because you just don't expect it to happen.

unless she was asleep, it would be hard to miss someone playing with her hair. or at least hear the scissors.

Didn't she say after coming home from school. Unless she passed out in the middle of biology ( possible, yet doubtful ) I don't think she was asleep.

@35 yes it is obvious when hair gets cut. there are so many nerves at the root so when hair is touched even by the slightest movement like wind you can feel it this is a fake fml

@35 finally someone who says the right thing that sucks Op hope you have straight nice hair. if curly FYL!!!!

I don't get what is so horrid about losin a bit of hair. then again, I'm a guy.

hahaha find out who that was and have retribution!

farsidee 0

ponytails - because guys need somethingto hold on too

that Matt dude is a ******

wow that sucks... I'd kill someone

*passes the bong* care for a hit?

how do these losers not notice these ovious things? I'd feel it if someone was cutting my ****** hair, or at least hear something!

daydreamstar 7

lol if a sour patch did that to me, id kick him cross the galaxy, not hug him.... i luv my long, long hair :). OP, how old are you?

LOL @ The Naked Truth reference. I would've been incredibly pissed but I think I would've noticed. FYL. If you know who did it, you could threaten to press charges for assault and have them pay for a trip to the salon.

i would be sooo mad.! and my hair really isnt that long so it would be like reallly short then. haha

maybe you needed a haircut and that was just a wake up call?

damn that sucks!! I would be mad


alleyx3 0

I would be pissed! but I would probably feel that..

hahaha #34 took the words out of my mouth

tehamericanboy94 0

7 wins and OP how are you stupid enough to not realize your hair was getting cut off? Unless you have REALLY long hair.

YDI for not noticing. bitch...

OMG! i would soo find that idiot and beat the crap outta them. that sucks, FYL!

and to the people saying how could she not notice, maybe she has very fine hair and the person used huge scissors or something. its possible.

you are fit

yea pass it to me lol

which is sexier... long hair or short hair??? haha ;)

ellielikesyou 3

I love that commercial

obviously your trying to show off how many "pills you pop". not cool for som eone as cute as you

ydi for having a ponytail girls should always wear it down and if your a guy then ydi for having hair long enough for a ponytail

assult WTF I donno bout u but were I live ppl pay other ppl to cut there hair and if some1 cut your hair would u really press assult charges like y bother it just a waste of money

how do u not notice?

you prob needed a haircut!!

lizardg823 0

oops sorry.

vansbabe66 0

hahaha this made me laugh. I'm a hairdresser and I can't tell u how many times people come in cause they're hair got chpped or they cut it themselves..

Brittanysway420 0

Really #3 I was going to call this FAKE! I just don't see how you wouldn't noticed. If someone is standing behind me I am aware! If it is true OH I WOULD MURDER SOMEONE!!

I wouldn't call this fake. this sh*t happen to a chick in my science class. except, they used a lighter. pre dangerous now that I think about it.

Cause and because aren't related in anyway, any it's "their" not "they are".

Any way* if you're going to criticize someone else, make sure your shit is flawless.

I find it funnier that no one else noticed or said something...friends much?

Holy crap, that sucks! FYL

YDI for having a ponytail.


Did no one get my troll reference? It was a bit unorthodox, true, but I thought someone would understand.

your smart!!!

Your smart what?

you didn't feel it or hear it ? that must suck.

Brittanysway420 0

Yeah I would think you'd have to hear it, unless it was a super sharp machete with a efin ninja behind it!

"Today, someone did me a favour. FML" You'll live... unless that ponytail had its own blood supply, which is unlikely.

Yeah! She got a free haircut and she's complaining!

mudkipz95 0

I'd be willing to bet when she takes the pony tail out it will look like shit, so she's gonna have to pay for a hair cut anywyas...

brieanna101 0

how do you not realize something like that?!

and you didn't notice?