Mother's Day Flashback

By dyingangel246 - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Wooster

Today, my fiancé and I told my future mother-in-law that we are expecting. Her response was, "Why are you doing this to me?" FML
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dyingangel246 tells us more.

Hi everyone, OP here. I'd like to start by saying that the few of you who said she doesn't like me, you are probably right. When my fiance and I got engaged she didn't want to tell her family, to this day 2 years later I don't know who does and doesn't know. I believe she doesn't want to accept the fact that her 27, almost 28 year old son is getting married and starting a family. I myself am 26. My family on the other hand is super excited. She has stated a couple times that she is in no position to support us once the baby gets here. My fiance works 45+ hours a week at a very good job so we will be fine. We tried telling her that we won't need her support financially and she doesn't believe us. We live somewhere there is enough room to raise a child. Also my insurance will cover all of our hospital and Dr bills. My fiance and I have been together for over 5 years and living together for almost 3. We both love each other very much and are excited about the life we created. I figure if that's how she wants to act then oh well it's her loss! Sorry that was so long!

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what an awful thing to say about her own future granchild!! she sounds very self centered

I think you completely misunderstood this FML!


I take it she does not like your fiancé

I think you completely misunderstood this FML!

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"My future mother-in-law" That means it her fiancé's mom. Are u saying his mom doesn't like her own son?

I think it is more like the mother in law is starting to feel old becausr she will come a grandma

That was my thought, #19...that or she's for the whole "no sex before marriage" thing and is upset they're having a baby before they're married.

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I take it you don't know what "mother-in-law" means.

Holy crap I wrote that wrong. And now im seeing it smh

what an awful thing to say about her own future granchild!! she sounds very self centered

Or maybe she thinks you're not ready to be raising children

It isn't really her business if they choose to raise children or not.

Just a thought here, cause I've seen it happen. It could be she thinks they won't actually take care of the child and she'll end up doing it. Really can't say one way or another on this one without more info. But it sucks that she didn't communicate it in a better fashion, because it definitely just sounds like she hates the fiancé.

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Idk why #22 got down voted. It isn't her business really....

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It's not her business to decide if they should have kids!

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But still, they aren't even married yet. Ether she will have a really big belly or a baby at the wedding.

Fun fact: if you rearrange the letters in "Mother in Law" you get Woman Hitler

Fun fact, that comment had echoed through FML for a while now. It's true, but it's getting redundant.

Well hopefully she changes her mind later on.

She probably will but will every now and again show her true colors again... Self centered people never change. Trust me I know, my mother is just like this.

some people don't want to be grandparents.... makes them feel old. (but no matter what kids are Great!)

She'll prolly be one of those ridiculous grandparents that makes her grand kids call her Aunt so she doesn't "feel" old.

"but no matter what kids are great" I dunno about many times has this site featured stories that boil down to "I'm pregnant. FML"? In this case, I can assume OP and her fiancée are happy parents-to-be, and this tale only boils down to the also-popular "My MIL is a bitch. FML." But kids are not always great...they wouldn't be for me, at least.

That's really rude, even if it was a joke. Some parents are amazing when it comes to these kinds of comments..

I wouldn't even justify that with an answer. Ignore it and be happy! Congratulations!!

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Tell her to stop being such a drama queen and get over herself.