Life imitates art

By awkwardsituation - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I watched a stray dog hump a garden gnome in my front yard. So did my two year-old daughter. I've already had to stop her "re-enactments" twice. FML
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iSitt 0

it's the next travelocity commercial

jrkarikas 0

YDI for having an easy garden gnome.


oh man. how sucky. FYL

vballerlover07 0

Agreed. I guess that dog was very lonely!

atleast she didn't try to do that to a stranger.

jrkarikas 0

YDI for having an easy garden gnome.

BabyDacey 0

horny dogg

pipp360 0


Kids will do anything for a laugh.

kids nowadays they start younger and younger * tisk tisk*

kinukle 0

"it looks like" *takes off shades* "your life isn't the only thing that got fucked." BWAAAAAHHH!

rawrkittehpwnage 0

daughter win.. wait till she does it at school :)

floppychang 0

Lucky gnome.

40, you messed it up :L

Trupe 3

lol at #9

msyelowbubblegum 0

hahahahhahathats kinda adorable!!!:P but creepy? hahahhahaha shell grow out of it..

lol it's better than growing into it

BoyFromTheFuture 0

offspring = Gnome-girl-dog. half gnome, half girl, half dog. I told you it's real. - Al Gore

I'm just trying to figure out why "re-enactments" is in quotation marks?

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I didn't know the roaming gnome was such a player.

encourage her to do that to tha guests

the real question here is why do you have a garden gnome in your front yard

EduardoCollazo1 0

thrown It in the trash so easy a caveman can do it

sean616 3


Oh that's awkward.

mi_vida_bonita 0 fractions much?

Are you sure she didn't just watch a 50 cent music video?

your my new hero :D

M4V3R1CKR13 0

they grow up so fast......//hore!

Reminds me of my neice... she used to hump the bed and tell us that mommy & daddy did that together naked.haha TMI?

guess the dog was ROOTED after that

EvilCupcake8361 9

YDI for having a garden gnome in your yard *shudders*

don't do anything and let her grow up with tha habbit

MyLifeIsGreat_ha 0

She will only get over it if u BEAT IT OUT OF HER!

iSitt 0

it's the next travelocity commercial

ChrissyRawr 0


mjcdsjf 0


rofl this made my day!

IWreastledABear 0

lmao. that's awesome

iwrestledabearonce too

aarmy 0

that's funny.

uhhh thats gross lol

ArtIsResistance7 1

By stray dog, do you mean the father of your child? You know they say like father, like daughter. Or is it: Monkey see, monkey do?

sourgirl101 28

WTF Booo (;

robotiick 12

sourgirl I read ur bio ( as usual with everyone else) n it didnt bore me at all

sounds like ur daughters a whore already gonna have some fun years ahead

FMyLifeCereal 0

Did you really just call a two year-old a whore? Well, OP, you can hope for the best and pray she's going to turn out to be a better person than this ass clown here. It's a pretty low bar.

TheBrianWing 0

d00d...what a tard

iitss annoyiin wenn ppl take shiit tooo seriious here.. 9-wiin! XD haha

It may be fml but calling a 2 yo a whore even in jest is unacceptable.

It may be fml but calling a 2 yo a whore even in jest is unacceptable.

Hahahaha. Awkward.

insane1 0

that really sucks