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By toolegittoquit - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I tried to quit my job. My boss just looked at me and said, "No. You can't quit." FML
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haha you are obviously a huge pussy. tell that motherfucker boss what's up

Thats when you just walk out the door


first btw ur boss is a dick fyl

Not really, if you're not allowed to quit it's a good chance it's because they need you. Either renegotiate your contract so you have more money, less hours or whatever. OR just stop turning up until you're fired.

Most states are "at will" employment, which means she can quit at any time provided she is not under a contract for specific length of employment.

Even under a contract this person can quit. It's just that she will be liable for damages if she quits in violation of a contract. Nobody can force you to work, and I really do mean nobody. If you want to quit, quit. Your boss saying you can't is meaningless. My response would be "I just did. My last day will be XX."

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nice FIRST job

There's an amendment saying you don't have to work if you don't want.

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Yeah, if he fires you then you get compensation! Win-win!

Oh please #3, the OP knows that. Should that stop her from quitting? No. Who knows, maybe she's quitting because she found a better job.

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what does OP stand for?

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haha you are obviously a huge pussy. tell that motherfucker boss what's up

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quit bein a fuckin pussy, ur boss knows ur a pussy and that's why he/she said you can't quit. yes you can quit.

OP is a woman...

Thats when you just walk out the door

ofcourse you can quit ! not an fml!

just don't ever show up and they'll have to fire u. not really an fml.

unless your boss is you mom or dad and you're wholly dependent on them, then there's absolutely no reason he can forbid you to quit. YDI

How is this FML? If you want to quit, then quit. If my boss told me that I can't quit, who cares? I'll still walk out. Your boss is just playing a game with you.