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Today, I found out the "small termite problem" the inspector told me about wasn't so small when a box from the attic fell through the floor and hit me in the head. FML
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Look on the bright side, now you can install a firemans pole

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Ouch! ):


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Ouch! ):

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wow fail first comment

LOLOL! well tht sux..yu should have taken care of tht problem a little sooner...it woulda saved yu some pain.! :P

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ain't life a beach? :D

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omg! sounds like you should give that inspector a call

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It's safe to assume that a box falling on someone's head hurts, correct? So my comment isn't a fail. I'd say that your 2nd comment is a fail. (;

Only in texas! Hahahah

orkin keeps the bugs on motorcycles out not the small ones

Always take care of these things right away! #lifelessons

termites ate thru the floor and a box hit you in the head

You can never have a "small termite problem". If you see one that means there are thousands more, and they mate like crazy. So a "small termite problem" can turn into a huge one in about a two weeks. So ydi.

*about two weeks.

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hit u in your head? how'd the box go through ur skull and wind up inside ur head? strange....

Termites have eaten drywall for as long as drywall has existed. This is not a new occurrence.

now I'm no veterinarian but how does a box fall through a floor and hit u in the head? were u under the house?

34- the box was in the attic.

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I like your cheeks =)


oh I am sorry but thus made me laugh for 5 mins. LOL FYL!!!

YDI for having an attic.

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don't u mean fell through the celing?? lol

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go back to saying, "its funny because..." lol:P

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boom headshot

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I am a rocket surgeon. I blast things out my head all the time.

this is actually really funny YDI for not getting the "small" termite problem fixed before this happened

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Some attics are finished and liveable areas

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ewww, FYL you should really call that inspector back.

your eyes are beautiful are they contacts? i hope not

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they are the only beautiful thing

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41 stop hating dude.

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Nope,they aren't :)

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YDI for not maintaining your own house.

mabey you should just start wearing a hardhat around?

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U cant really control termites u can get many VERY fast tht set up hive- or watever in your roofs

I think hiring an inspector counts as maintenance.

that was pretty cool. and really, termites suck.

haha, if it was that bad, why did you believe the inspector when he said "small" problem? It should have been obvious. Termites don't stay in the walls all the time, and even if they did, you'd be able to hear that many of them.

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this pic wouldve been better if you had held your breath without your hands and opened your eyes. cool though

thanks :) I know, but it was a saltwater pool so I couldn't. Well, actually I could, but I'm a baby about it. hahaha

I was in my uncles saltwater pool the other week. They're easier to open your eyes in than a chlorine pool.

aww find new inspector and house

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I pictured this and LOL'ed. :)

owned and 1st??? yea probly not

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If Mike Holmes has taught me anything, it's to never trust any home inspector that isn't him. They're all untrained and unregulated and never do a good job of assessing your home. You should always follow behind him, looking at everything and maybe getting specialists in to look at things that look shifty. This is your home you're talking about here.