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It's high school all over again

By Targeted - / Wednesday 1 February 2017 01:00 / Australia - Brisbane
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By  TabooSushi  |  24

I'm not sure how things are done there in Australia, but here in the States your boss is not allowed to dictate what you do on your break or who you spend it with so long as you don't go around destroying company property or something else illegal. I would see if you could call your H.R office and make an inquiry about such high handed behavior from your boss. It is not your reaponsibility to cater to the childish feelings of others in your workplace.

  TabooSushi  |  24

Tried to edit but FML was being silly. I wanted to add: If these "others" in your workplace feel so "left out," they should ask to join you and your friend and maybe become friends with you themselves. Otherwise, they can STFU and have nobody to blame but themselves.

By  raven_of_azarath  |  28

My boss did something similar. He told me and my friend that we aren't to be friends on the clock because all we do is talk and not get any work done, which isn't true. He and I are the hardest working employees he has.