By horno - this FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - United States - San Francisco


  Today, I asked my dad why the WiFi was down. He just replied, "Why? Horno can't get no more porno?" No, "Horno" has an assignment. WTF? FML
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By  Kuibe  |  18

I'm sure your dad would get the wifi if you explained what you needed it for... Or he would just assume you want to watch prob again... Either one.

  scoobysnarks  |  15

My son gets angry that the wifi goes off late at night, too - and when he needed to do an assignment (which I knew about, BTW) I re-enabled the wifi for him for that night. It happens, dude. The alternative, of course, is for him to do his homework during the day...

By  schreibergx93  |  19

Clearly you use the wifi for porn if he's not using it for those purposes and notices porn sites being visited. If it's a secure network it's you or your mom, pretty sure she probably makes porn with your dad.