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Today, I put a picture of my cat on Facebook. A stranger sent me a message saying how "attractive" she was and that her eyes are "very seductive". So, basically, someone is trying to hit on my cat. FML
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I'm surprised a stranger was on your Facebook in the first place... Maybe you should look into that.

Brace yourselves, cat jokes related to female genetalia are coming.


I'm surprised a stranger was on your Facebook in the first place... Maybe you should look into that.

Could've been a friend of a friend, they can see the picture whenever a friend commented on it.

I was more referring to the fact that they were paying attention to it. She also said "stranger", not "friend of a friend", and lastly, my comment was mostly a joke.

I want to say YDI for friending a stranger, but I don't use Facebook at all ever, so I don't know if someone has to be your friend to comment on one of your pictures.

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You don't have to be friends with someone to comment on their picture.

Well it depends on how you have your posts set up to be viewed by. There is just me, friends only, friends of friends, everyone, and then custom. If you have it on everyone, then anyone who looks at your wall can see all posts. You can change it for singular posts, including pictures.

It doesn't say they commented it says they sent a message which means it could've been some random ass person going thru people Facebooks

You can set up messaging with same type of limitations. It is slightly more limited with only friends, friends of friends (I'm pretty sure it is option for messaging, but I may be wrong), and everyone as options. My point is people can view pictures and posts only if you allow them to. If I posted a just me picture, no one could see but me. If I posted a friends only picture, only people I friended and myself could see it. You cannot view something you're not allowed to view. You can't message some random person, if that person has the option set to friends only.

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This is turning into Facebook 101 and all because op doesn't like to share the pussy with stangers.

30- if you're just going to comment and make a qualifying statement that cancels out the premise of your comment, then why comment at all? What a waste of energy.

I have mine set up where only friends can message me or see my posts. No one else at any time can message me or comment on anything. If I don't have you as a friend you cant get ahold of me unless I accept your request.

#70 - I was actually commenting while walking. You'll be happy to know I hit a pole a few seconds later. FML

They just want that pussy.

I knew it was only a matter of time. We couldn't make it to five comments this time without using that "pun".

Calling it a pun is an insult to the word.

Yea don't be a pussy

I'm so confused by your comment, but hey, it wasen't that bad of a pun it was actually pretty punny.... I'll go now

Brace yourselves, cat jokes related to female genetalia are coming.

Coming from the username "SgtAssCheeks"...

Unrelated, stick to the point. never judge a book by it's cover.

You're late. #2 already made the joke unfortunately.

Coming being the operative word, yeah? ;)

horn dogs..

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That's why I have my profile and picture set to "Friends Only." I would be freaked out too OP. FYL.

maybe he was talking about some other picture? or did he literally say "your cat"? in that case fuck your cat's life

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I believe that's what the stranger wanted to do.

All 9 of the cats lives?

Well you know they say the pets are like their owners... You can take that as a compliment, or beastality if you're more fond of pessimism...

Some guys just try to get pussy anywhere they can...

Not every cat related FML needs this pun.

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A cat gets hit on more than me.