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By Rose - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, the man I went on a date with a few weeks ago finally called me back. I was his "one phone call" from prison. FML
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palahniukpaul 6

He sounds committed. Most girls would dig that.


I commented the same thing twice. Burry one please. Stupid edit function didn't work! *Walks the long road of shame and bunks up to OP's date. *

p3mguin 7

76 STFU it doesn't matter about one or two R's

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Do you really think she knows the criminal record of a man she just dated?

Not every one does a full background check on everyone they meet.

"Before we proceed with this 'date' I need to see your birth certificate, social security card, license, and I need you to fill out this form. Oh I can't wait till we have kids!"

Requiring a background check before a first date sure is a big turn off.

Oh please. Don't be such a dramatic little queen. Do you go out on dates with complete strangers or do you meet them within a circle of networking where you know at least one other person who knows the guy or girl?

What about Internet dating? Plenty of people find partners that way...

*80 year old pedophile* I am an 18 year old girl! Internet dating I would get back up checks! ;)

35 don't be such a judgmental idiot. If OP is just getting the "one phone call" now, then the person is just now in jail. One is given the phone call right when they are arrested and are getting booked in. The whole point of that call is to let someone (family or friends of the offender) know about the situation, and to get bailed out. That means that this crime was just now committed, and there might not be priors. Could be a DUI or anything, even some traffic violations will get you arrested. Also, it would be the local jail not prison. Prison is after sentencing, for long periods of incarceration. Also, it's people like you who make it so hard for convicts to turn their lives around. What a bitch.

Not interested in reading that thesis. This is MY opinion and if you don't like it, too bad.

49 - pull that tampon out of your ass and quit being a bitch.

Wow, 2, not only are you ****** in the head, but you're one of the most obnoxious people I've ever met. Get off this website before you pollute this community with your ignorance.

How about I pull my bloody one out and put it in your mouth instead?

56 - you sure are charming! I wonder how you ever got married in the first place...did you do a full background check on you're husband? How romantic!

If I was your husband I'd be in the hole for murder by now.

jeez someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. god knows what your husband went through to marry you.

I'm beyond amused by all of this. To see strangers get so pissed is hilarious.

63- Hey, sausage in a dress, you're outnumbered here on this. Quit being a bitch.

Sausage in a dress? Lmao! It's called double D's honey. Hate to break it to you but I'm 128lbs.

Outnumbered or not, I DGAF. This isn't a popularity contest.

not calling not big or anything but what you can see in the picture you look like you'd be a lot more.

66- I'm referring to your ham arms, not your ****. Don't call me your honey, either.

66- I was referring to your ham arms, not your ****.

palahniukpaul 6

Maybe he just needed to get bailed out?

well for whatever reason, at least OP was memorable! that should count for something

Lol, he must be an ass if your the only one he could call!

Lol, yeah thank you for the correction :P and what I ment by my post was that he must be an ass hole if he never called you back and then had nobody to call but a girl he pretty much avoided and was gonna be awkward talking to

He sounds committed. Most girls would dig that.

lottievaughn 5

"Awwwe I'm your 'one phone call'?! That's SO sweet!" Yeah, girls are weird.

But he thought about OP AND called her back. Keeper.

Who said she knew? Don't be a bitch. Edit: To #2. Damnit.

That's a way to know when a man cares

I think it's love! He remember her, and her number. Maybe he got a triple with the remembering of her name!

Herculesninja27 5

Well you know he'll love you now hah

Hey atleast he still remembers you and cares?