Great timing

By wideeyeddays - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - United States - Pasadena

Today, my dad thought it was a great idea to text me and say he'd had to put our dog down. I was in the middle of class and still had hours left at school. It's not fun to walk across campus holding back tears. FML
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I know the feeling.. animals, especially dogs are of the same importance as humans in most peoples lives.

VashSN17 10

That must've been awful.. I've never had a dog but I've always wanted one.. sorry for your loss...


VashSN17 10

That must've been awful.. I've never had a dog but I've always wanted one.. sorry for your loss...

why the downvotes?

but it was a joke- no loss there

@37 What joke? I'm not sure if you're intentionally being heartless or if you had trouble understanding the fml. Either way your comment is in bad taste.

@15 Some people can be massive sadist arseholes. I have the same thing as @1 up there.

Some people downvote comments no matter what.

VashSN17 10

That must've been awful.. I've never had a dog but I've always wanted one.. sorry for your loss...

I'm so sorry OP :( I know the feeling

My mum text me when I was at work (less than a month of being at my new job!) to tell me the cat died. I thought the cat had died naturally because she had lung cancer but apparently my mum had an appointment to get her put down and didn't tell me. I spent the rest of the day feeling bad that I didn't say goodbye to my cat because I thought she'd be there when I got home. It wasn't a safe drive home, either. I was quite distracted.

I know the feeling.. animals, especially dogs are of the same importance as humans in most peoples lives.

While I get the first part of the comment, I never got the second part unless it was a service dog. Can anyone explain why?

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Because dogs tend to have distinct personalities that owners become accustomed to and they are often a part of their owner's daily routine. It can be heart breaking when your best friend's dinner time comes around and then you remember your best friend died last week.

If it was out of the blue your dads an ass. But I'm gonna assume the dog had some issues, it sucks you couldn't be there but he's in a better place now.

I don't know, I feel like that kind of news is really something you should at least hear over the phone rather than through text. My bird just died, and my family still called me to tell me even though she was old and sick and I kinda knew it was coming. And losing a dog is honestly way worse than losing a small critter (though it still hurts, of course). Not to mention the fact that OP's dog was actively put down rather than dying on his/her own. There really isn't a good excuse for at least a phone call.

When my cat died my mom told me by send a picture message of my dead cat. OP I am sorry for your loss it is a shitty way to find out.

@90: That's an FML all on its own.

It was a really horrific picture too. When my dog died I found out when I was at work super sick having a screwed up day and found out that he got hit by a car and died. I had him at the time for 16 year. over the phone is the worst way to find out! whether it's a call or text.

That is pretty shitty. Don't know if I'd prefer that over what my parents did. They sent me to a friends house the day the put him down (without telling me) then my mom went to Florida with my two sisters. I was under the impression he was getting cared for at the vets. She comes back, waits a week, then when I ask how our cat was doing she says "didn't daddy tell you?". You can guess the rest >_>

That is absolutely horrible.

I guess he didn't know how to break it to you and wanted to get it over with... I'm really sorry for your loss, but your dog won't be suffering anymore now

R.I.P OP'S Dog. :( I'm sorry.

I'm incredibly sorry to hear. That was pretty tactless to message you at school. I do wish you strength in this time.

Sorry but your dad is heartless unless your dog was already passing away he could have waited a few hours and you could have said goodbye. Thoughtless and heartless what a prick.

And if it was more of an emergency situation he could've called op to let her know what was going on and see if she wanted to meet them at the vet to say goodbye. Not sure of the circumstances but I feel like the dad could've gone about the putting down a totally different way. Usually there's more time involved in putting a dog down, even in some emergency cases. Op could've probably been there.

Totally agree with you there was no excuse. I'm a vet tech and I know unless the dog or pet is having major issues and is about to pass on there is always the option of holding off a little longer, to give the family a chance to say goodbye. The vet can always make the pet comfortable with medication in the interim, so prolonging suffering doesn't occur. To me I feel so strongly that my pets are family, and while I know logically that I would euthanize my pets, without hesitation, if they were suffering, I still would want to be there to kiss them and hold them. OP obviously loved her/his dog very much, and to deny OP the chance to kiss the dog and say goodbye is cruel and not a fatherly, loving thing to do at all. I'm glad he's not my dad. I hope OP can eventually forgive him, but I understand if they don't.

My lord, people are so quick to judge this dad. Maybe it was an emergency, and OP said campus so I assume she's at uni, she could be hours away. Understand if she never forgives him? Fucking hell, poor man, he just had to put down his dog and break the news to his daughter :(

you do realize that OP also could be at a COMMUNITY COLLEGE or even high school still because some high schools have campuses so dont talk about being too quick to judge if you are doing the same thing

How the fuck do you "decide" to put the dog down? Did he kill it for no reason?

It must have had health problems. Vets won't put a pet down for no reason.

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Assuming he used a vet.

Wouldn't OP know that there was a chance that the dog needed to be put down? And if that's the case shouldn't they know that the dog getting put down was coming?

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Not true. Or well the truth is relative. If the dog is a problem and no one wants him the vet will euthanize.

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Yeah that's what he said. Vets will put down a dog if it has problems. Doesn't really have anything to do with "wanting" the dog. If the dog's health issues won't be fatal a vet isn't going to put a dog down no matter what the owner says. They'd probably call a shelter before that. If the dog isn't picked up and its condition worsens then yeah maybe it'll get put down. Sorry just can't think of a single vet that would be like "oh your dog has a cold or whatever the dog form of a cold is" "Well I don't want him anymore put him down" "K" Not happening.

Unfortunately, I HAVE heard of vets like that. There was a vet that shit a cat with a fucking bow and arrow for fucks sake. You hear of people putting down and animal to hurt another person. It's bit common, but just because you have a degree doesn't mean you are automatically a good person. I've had teachers that should've never been around kids but they were qualified.

#40 I would love to shoot cats with a crossbow.