Fridge fight

By kb. - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I found out how it feels when a refrigerator door unhinges and falls on your toes. FML
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It's just getting you back for years of having nice things taken away from it..

I hope for your sake the door wasn't full.


I hope for your sake the door wasn't full.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Or that his toes weren't bare.

thinkPlNK 0

if you were around your parents, you were probably like: ouch. that hurt. if you were alone or around your friends you most likely screamed out in pain: motherfcker! ah sh*t! holy fck, ect. ect.

op time to bring the pain

hockeydominatorc 0

It hurts like a beast web that happens hope u get better!

You've had a refrigerator fall on your toes too?

You're supposed to get your foot in the door, not under it...

If only it had been the freezer door, it could have consoled you with some soothing ice.

It's just getting you back for years of having nice things taken away from it..

That's cool. I found Narnia in the back of my fridge.

Sounds like the door has had a problem for quite some time for it to fall off like that. A little maintenance could have avoided this. YDI for being a lazy ass and not getting it fixed when you should have.

Oh snap the Eddie Munster haircut is the rage in France? YDI for wasting your life being overly cautious and not enjoying it and getting doors dropped on your foot

c'mon you would notice if the door was loose enough to fall off in the prior openings of the door. it doesn't suddenly fall.

Seriously Alan, I didn't think you would miss the point to such an extent. OP would have noticed that the door was loose well before it fell off. It's not a matter of checking every day, it's just noticing when there is a problem. And #8, FYL for being such an ignorant cunt. You don't know me so fuck the fuck off. How I live my life is not your concern.


Savra you obviously don't see the humor in Alan's very sincere and not at all sarcastic comment. By the way Alan you might want check to make sure it's plugged in while you're at it.

I don't remember the OP saying it was THEIR refrigerator... Although it's probably safe to assume it was you never know.

My fridge door just fell off a few weeks ago. It wasn't overly full, and the fridge wasn't old. Gave me Hell of a fright though! And I have know other people who has had the same thing happen to them!

I check my fridge, afternoon, and evening. Dont tell anybody but i sometimes check it at night ;)

14 - I guess that means you're best buds with the OP? No? Oh so that must make you a hypocritical ignorant cunt then...

The important question.... did you get food afterwards?

saIty 17

Maybe this was your fridges way of telling you not to open it every 30 seconds because food will NOT magically appear.

6 - It doesn't? Damn it... I guess I better stop doing it too.

ineslovescats 5

Ouchie, time for a new refrigerator maybe? I hope your foot is at least okayish though.

Nah, keep the one you've got. Free air conditioning.

Ouch. It hurts when almost anything falls on your toes. I can't imagine getting all 10 slammed down by a door like that.. Ice the puffiness!

LunaDragon 10

How old is your refrigerator op? I'm picturing one of those old school green or yellow refrigerators from the 70s, if so ydi for being so cheap and not getting a new one sooner or properly maintaining your old one.

If you had shoes on FYL. If u didn't FYL even more :-(

DaKillaMafia 2


What about her?

She likes fridges... problem?

Sue the fridge?