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Today, I wrote an e-mail to a friend stating how hot my client was. I waited for her response, but received a response from my client stating, "I would readdress this accordingly." FML
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perdix 29

"Thanks, but I'd prefer you to undress accordingly ;) Rawr! " You're screwed, so you might as well go out in a blaze of glory.


MetalxSoldier 26

Tell your client that you'll undress him accordingly!

You always check everything on before you send it.

Why would he send that to his friend who is a girl? I just find it awkward when my male friends talk to me about hot girls. It doesn't have to be any jelousy involved, it's just... Strange. That's my opinion, anyway.

b_rad_fml 4

Why do you assume OP is male? You don't think girls can see a guy as 'hot' and get excited to share with her friend?

constipatedlady 0

It is strange if your guy friend starts going on about her great breasts or what makes her so "hot" isn't it? Unless you're gay.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

79 - Why does a woman have to be gay to find another woman attractive? I'm straight, and I am getting married at the end of this month. But I find women attractive. Women are beautiful creatures. (Well, sometimes;))

Very Bridget Jones... Is there a Mr Darcy?

It has nothing to do with fortune. It has to do with OP's observation skills

Not thinking of bridgette jones, only mr Darcy I know is the one from Pride and Prejudice...

You so dumb! How could you send this to your client. At least include your phone numbah

I cannot decide if this is ironic or not.

Benmec. "You are litterally too stupid to insult". Pull your head out of your ass and leatn to spell you clown

R and H aren't very close to each other on the keyboard, I don't think that was an accident...

KiddNYC1O 20

24- Punctuation is important as well.

Today, 7 September 2012, at 1145, benmec has declared war against the English language.

Shut up cosmosis. I know you wanna, but you can't be my friend... No no no. Sorry. Forget it. I will not hang out with you at Disneyland. Lol

Axipiter. Yes. Yes I have. You with me? :)

Cosmosis - I'm having trouble deciding if you're being ironic or a hypocrite for criticising benmec's spelling since you say in your profile info "I really couldn't give a shit about spelling like some of the nazi pricks on here".

Negative benmec. You're flying solo on that one.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Am I the only one that read 'you so dumb' like an Asian immigrants broken English? An example would be like ''me love you long time".

csmith10100 4

First, what the hell is benmec saying sorry I don't read the language of dumbass. Second, if your going to grammar nazi someone's comments and spelling please spell all your words correctly.

They say karma is a bitch. I think it's irony.

SenselessPattern 12

#71, hopefully flying solo and in that jet in your profile pic. Without a parachute. And the ground underneath is full of cacti.

Haha he's nowhere NEAR cool enough to fly that bird.

89- Well, you used the wrong form of "you're/your". So I hope you weren't planning on being a Grammar Nazi.

Does this mean he/she thinks you're hot too?

No... Not at all... How did you even come up with that connection?

Such a cheeky acknowledgement probably means he's flattered and giggly but not necessarily interested.

So...did you guys hook up? Because that client obviously didn't mind you calling them hot(;

Disregard this...darn app double posted..

Hey, your client doesn't seem to mind at least! You are in, mate! ;)

How is she a pervert? Haven't you ever seen a guy and then turned to your friends to tell them how hot he is?

You don't know the meaning of the word. If you've ever had a crush, by your logic you're a pervert too!

If you realized OP was a girl, I bet you wouldn't even use the word pervert.

By the sounds of it, your client isn't enthralled. People must tell [them] all the time they're hot... time to try a different approach ;)

perdix 29

"Thanks, but I'd prefer you to undress accordingly ;) Rawr! " You're screwed, so you might as well go out in a blaze of glory.

reallytho3 11

Lol op doesn't have the balls to do that. You have to have balls of steel for that one

BunchieRules 31

22 - Or any balls, for that matter. The fact that OP is a woman makes your comment even funnier.

BunchieRules 31

Well, 48 beat me to it. Maybe next time.