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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Dallas

Today, my long-term boyfriend insisted on me going down on him. When I asked what he would do in return, he said, "I was thinking McDonald's." FML
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If you like McDonald's, then I see no problem. Or you could do a 69, you would both get something at the same time. Its a win win either option!

Doesn't quite sound like a win-win situation.


Doesn't quite sound like a win-win situation.

1 You obviously have never had an order of McDonalds fries. So good and yet... so bad.

He must of had really cheap hookers before you.

It's a win-lose situation which is not ideal

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Could he have at least let you pick the fast food restaurant in return

Mydicks sucking dicks same thing

If you like McDonald's, then I see no problem. Or you could do a 69, you would both get something at the same time. Its a win win either option!

Wow 3 I really love your display picture!

Thanks! I thought I might go back to my old picture, for sentimental value.

It would be no problem for me, normal actually. We barter for those things that way sometimes. :)

Yes 106, her child was conceived through oral sex and/or McDonald's

Be one hell of a story if said child was conceived at McDonalds :p Though to the point OP needs to raise their standards if they are going to barter oral sex for stuff. *nods to her custom Lightsaber* and yes I do see the irony in that one... But hey I got to keep the slave Leia outfit after too so win win right? XD ok yes there is something wrong with me.

valid offer smart man but yet so stupid taco bell is so much better

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I don't think OP was upset at the restaurant choice, so much as being bribed with food for sexual favors.

Eating taco bell makes you shit lava, how is that good? Makes a good laxative though.

Oh because we all shit lava when we eat Taco Bell since everybody is alike, right? All snowflakes look the same and fall in the same exact spot. -_- And, OP, I would suggest Ruth Chris. So when you get done and he takes you there you say, "this meat taste a lot better than what I had a while ago." Dont forget to say payback, just in case he gets the wrong message.

I would totally be bribed by bjs for tacos, what would you doooo for some taco bell(Klondike jingle)

It was a point, not a fact. Dislodge your head from your ass and look around. Simple comment doesn't need any criticism.

Taco Bell is usually bought because of how cheap it is. In n' Out is where it's at.

Doesn't seem like you're loving that idea.

perhaps if he offers burger king, he'll get it his way.

Mmm McDick. You want fries with that?

Tell him you would do it for Red Lobster! You'll never hear him ask again.

Mmm red lobster. I wish my girl thought more like you!

Think about it, you get to have two quater pounders ;) (unless he's tiny you get a fry)

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I thought about it, and your comment still doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

You should suggest that for the sake of his balls' health, he ought to choose to eat an open-faced roast beef sandwich. Much healthier than fried meat;)

The fries are good there...

Edit: The fries ARE good there... As in, a sarcastic way of saying it's not worth McDonald's. Come on, people.

He just wanted to give you something to go with his secret sauce. Whadda nice guy!