Creaky floorboards

By wtf?? - This FML is from back in 2015 but it's good stuff - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Today, my bed fell through my floor. With me on it. FML
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You should never super size any order

Whole point of the light in the refrigerator is for midnight snacks. Is OP to take the bulb out??

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You pulled a Cleveland from Family Guy, but with a bed instead...

#98 you watch waaaay to many cartoons. I just saw a Simpsons reference on the other post! I know family guy is great but…

It's like riding on the tower of terror only free!

Excluding the cost of ceiling repair and bed replacement..

Arguably less messy, though. Those Tower of Terror riders are spewers.

Okay, so on the tower of terror, my seat belt buckle broke as the ride started. I needed to change underwear after that. I hope OP enjoyed the ride, cause anywhere else and a drop zone ride like that has a frickin long line!

How ironic since Im going to Universal Studios this weekend

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how is that ironic? You need to look up ironic and irony. I think you meant i"What a coincidence". Hope you had a good time at Universal.

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At least you had a great cushion for your fall

That's what I was thinking. At least you landed on a soft bed. Now what did your bed land on? Hopefully not the bed of a person a floor below you.

Unless, of course, OP has a temperpedic (tempurpedic?) bed. I feel like that'd be equivalent to landing on the floor, in terms of comfort...

They either wrote this fml before getting out of bed (which I hope not) or no one was below them

But surprisingly, that glass of wine still didn't spill.

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*looks arounds* I could've sworn I heard a sheep around here...

Am i the only one surprised that #5 didn't get downvoted to oblivion? Normally a comment like that gets buried.

You've been watching Bedknobs and Broomsticks too much.

That sounds like a good ole story to tell your grandchildren!

You're just taking mattress sliding down stairs to and amping it way up

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