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By Shepaintsmusic - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff

Today, an antiques dealer made a joke about chopping off and buying my deformed left hand. FML
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woodenbo89x 4

Man, that is some off-hand humor.

mercedes3210 6

how rude.


clockworkangel 0

aw, wow that sucks D:

I doubt this is real... in other words, fake .

puppyloverpeace 1

i would have been like yeah and if you dont shut up im going to cut off you deformed head. or maybe thinking tht. yeah that sucks

at least u have emergency beer money handy. did u see what I did there?

Who the hell would think to make a joke over someone's hand like that? That douche.

Send that man to sensitivity training!

I want to see your hand!!!

youre just as bad as the dealer ^

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Ariasmake_1 0

mama jokes are always funny

btnhdude 0

yo mommas teeth are so yellow i can't believe it's not butter!

yo momma so stupid, she tried to arrange her teeth in alphabetiacal order!

Yo mama's so ugly, the only way she can get some ass, is when her fingers slip through the toilet paper.

wana play paddy cake?

btnhdude 0

patty cake patty cake bakers man bake me a cake - that's all I remember

c8750 2

As fast as you can, roll it, pat it, mark it with a B & put in the oven for baby & me 

OP: "Today, a stranger made an extraordinarily offensive and fucked up joke about me. FML." Me: "Today I lost a bit more of my faith in humanity by reading about an asshole antique dealer. I lost even more when I saw that the person didn't mention anything about standing up for him/herself. Incredibly, I lost still more when I found that OP wasn't smart enough to realize s/he was probably in an antique place and could easily have broken something expensive as revenge. I temporarily lost a huge chunk of pride in being human by visiting FML... My Life Is Average."

-.-" now if OP put something about themselves standing up for themselves, there would be no point of this post. it would no longer be funny. and then everyone would pit how they stood up for themselves. and then all of those posts wouldn't be funny. and then what? no more fml ):

win indeed :D

yess x)

mercedes3210 6

how rude.

smack him in the face with your abnormal hand and saw off his abnormall (also small) weenie and sell it.(its scally and purple)

MonetVousAime 0

Well they may have difficulty with that, having a deformed left hand and all. Also, I'm curious as to why you know the color and texture of the antique dealers ... doodle. explain. :)


MonetVousAime 0

If he was MY brother, he would now have two very deformed hands. :)

wow nice one^^ i should get e knife and show this to him. -_-* mwahahahhaha.