By evilwater - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was at a fancy restaurant when I knocked my glass of ice water over. In my attempt to clean it up with a napkin, I knocked a freshly filled cup of coffee all over myself. FML
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oops I did it again?

Now you have successfully made an iced coffee. Welcome to the McDonald's team!


must be your lucky day!

can dress u up but cant take u out

wow I've done something like that. very embarrassing -_-

Could be worse. Just laugh it up and you'll be fine, op.

op just likes getting wet.

I like how the FML says "fancy restaurant" and people interpret it as McDonalds. Then again, whats not fancy about McDonalds?...

Fire and Ice ? Trojan Man!

I'm guessing he/she was drink out of his/her nuts

two birds with one .... stoner?

ohh' hope u werent on a date... :P but yeah fyl

HowAreYouToday 34

clock on a unicorn, hear the chocolate thunder! make the salami pour onto the ice!

usually it's the other way around.

or OP could just be clumsy. Either way FYL op.

What a clutz! Haha it's okay, I was always the kid who spilled her milk on every possible occasion... :}

well hot+cold = it evens out

HowAreYouToday 34

heh heh... true XD.

that's an amusing way of putting it! lol!

99 - not when the hot is all over you and the cold is on the floor.

DONT SUE. :) Still, sucks man.

Don't Sue what? What has Sue done now?

that makes no sense.. he or she couldn't even sue so whats the point of saying dont sue... it was their fault... try again...

It was a reference to an American court case in which a woman at a McDonalds Drive Thru spilled coffee on herself, and sued McDonalds for an insane amount of money. She won.

those McDonald coffee are hot as hell

1215116a 14

34 did the person in your icon spill some on his lap?

Well shit. She's in this fucked up country so she'd probably win since the restaurant was OBVIOUSLY at fault for putting her in an unsafe environment.

20- she won only because she was old

Actually, 76, the lady won because she suffered THIRD-Degree burns on her legs, thighs, groins and genitals. It had nothing to do with her age.The case is so misinterpreted and the important details are often left out - you should web search it and read about it.

The 1st thing that came to my mind: Trojan Fire & ice

34 your face is hot as hell

I find it kind of whack that someone would sue over a spilt beverage in the first place...

No one should get third-degree burns over spilled coffee. McDonald's had been repeatedly warned about how hot their coffee was other times. All the lady wanted was money to pay her hospital bills, which were ridiculously high, it was the jury that wanted to make McDonald's pay more since they knew that it was such a big company that the amount she wanted would be nothing to them.

You forget to mention that the woman was very severely burned because the coffee was way to hot. McDonald’s had really made a mistake there and was rightly condemned.

You're a bit of a cluts...

Surely you mean "klutz", right?

Surely that's what he meant....

I'm amazed this idiot used the correct "you're" over "your" and then proceeded to misspell klutz terribly.

Sorry everyone, I'm English, I was americanising myself! Unfortunately, Americans don't put spellings on the screen...

1215116a 14

68, none of that comment made sense to me...

Surely you can't be serious! I am serious, and don't call me Shirley.

HowAreYouToday 34

#95, I read that in Stewie's voice... lol

i dont think its idiotic to spell a word wrong when its uncommonly writren... is it even in the dictionary?

I think the real question is, is "writren" even in the dictionary?

oops I did it again?

FML indeed...

Well poor another cool glass of water on you to stop the burning coffee!

awwee poor glass :( i feel sorry for you glass D:

That's a double fail op!! I grant you -11 points.

Well poor another cool glass of water on you to stop the burning coffee!

who orders water with coffee?

Agreed no.7 - 2 is a big of a silly mongoose.

they probably give you free water

1215116a 14

At most places with breakfast they just give you water and coffee.

fancy restaurants always bring glasses of water to the table right when you get there ...

1215116a 14

74 I was taking about iHop. XD

my apologies haha sorry i love ihop

haha... u have to admit, that's kinda funny. but too bad it didn't happen in reverse, then you could've cooled down the coffee with ice water

ya one time, i spilled a full glass of coke, so my mom reached over to grab napkins and spilled three of our glasses we got refills of, so there was ice and coke everywhere. And the old people behind us were like grumbling amongst eachother about it. it was pretty awesome... :D

Didnt post to the right thread...

Now you have successfully made an iced coffee. Welcome to the McDonald's team!