Close encounter

By magicalDEATH - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom

Today, I flew a toy helicopter into my face. FML
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seriously? what did you not see it or where you like "oh, look here comes the helicopter straight to my face, should I move? no it'll probably change it's course any minute now".

I feel a paradox. You were piloting a helicopter on a trajectory that went awry, spun out, and crashed it into your own face. How odd.


thumbs up mate, nice one lol

In the middle of the mall??? Would have loved to see that.

perdix 29

A million kids in Haiti don't have toy helicopters, and you don't know how to control yours? Whose life is fucked?

Pahaha, you're too true for fmylife.

Maybe you should have thought about this before you posted that. You could have given that helicopter to a child in Haiti.

Not really getting what his getting hit in the face has to do with Haiti. Are you just throwing the name out there to try and look clever and topical?

No, clever and tropical!

Wow, this is now the #1 who gives a crap FML. Your like does not suck in the slightest bit. In fact, now you'll have a hilarious story to tell various friends in the future. If anything it was actually something good for you. All the moderators should be kicked out for allowing this to go through.

Uh... FMLs can be anything from something like this that sucks, but you will laugh about in the future, something embarrassing, or something extreme. They're all FMLs. If you don't like it, click YDI and move on to a "real" one. Besides, the OP could have a black eye or broken nose, cut lip, etc. Or it could just hurt. Get over it.

no I think the biggest one is Today, I got mauled by a cat named Mr. Sprinkles whoever moderates these must be working in sharpie factories 24/7

Maybe you just suck at it. I have one too and have not yet managed to fail this hard.

Those toy ones are harmless, you're a pussy, and whoever allowed this past moderation should be euthanized. Try flying a gas R/C helicopter into your face next time, then you'd have a real FML if it didn't take your head off.

Stiggy626 25

you talk shit and your photo is steve jobs?

crusher666 0

why post sonething that stupid?

keyairia 0

LMAO!! that sounds like something I would do.

Do you realize that people die in helicopter crashes. My uncle died last year in a helicopter crash. His head got chopped off and you are complaining about getting hit in the nose by a stupid little helicopter. It's your fault that you didn't move when you saw it coming at you. Grow up.

While it truly sucks that your uncle and other various people have been killed in helicopter crashes, you really shouldn't judge OP for having a TOY. Sure, he obviously needs a bit more practice to learn how to not do idiotic things with it, but a TOY helicopter isn't going to chop someone's head off. This has nothing to do with the FML posted.

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24, go cry me a river.

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