Cereal killer

By Kyley - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was broken up with via a cereal analogy. Apparently, I'm a Cheerio and all he wants is a Froot Loop. FML
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Dang that sucks, just tell him that is fine I always wanted some cocoa puffs!


Beats being a cereal killer if tlyou ask me

I think this means he wants to date a colored person.

28 - Based on your picture, I assume you're asking out of interest.

So muzy, what did tlyou asked you.

Actually it seemed like a coming out thing to me too. Since we often call gay people (or flambouyant) a bit fruity (sometimes a fruitloop) here.

She should be glad she isn't the dumbass of his dreams.

I know something that will cheerio up ;) haha

or your dull and boring and wants a vibrant happy person.

Fruit loops are sweeter ;)

All sugar, no substance...

Is nutrition the words your looking for... because sugar is a substance...

Damn there is no edit button. Word, you're *

40 - I used the words I wanted, but yes, nutrition was implicit to the comment.

Froot loops = gay cheerio. He wants a man. Sorry op.

Screw fruit loops, why not go for Captain Crunch! sorry OP.

He's looking for a more colorful hole.

But now she can go look for her Captain Crunch! Forget the colorful hole :)

Go get yourself a poptart than ^_^

Dang that sucks, just tell him that is fine I always wanted some cocoa puffs!

6 - Count Chocula is ready to please

Wtf is goin on with that giant pimple on your cheek? Lmao

It is totally not a pimple, it is a dimple piercing.

Frankenberry wants some action, too.

Well fruit loop is analogy for gay ;)

Well at least you aren't loopy.

i like cheerios better!

9 - She didn't give him enough sugar

Well, you could be a cornflake. Fruit loops make you poop green.

Koko Krunch is the best!

Hey! It's better than being told your the actual cereal part of Lucky Charms and he's the tasty marshmallows! The cereal bits are NASTY! HOORAY FOR MARSHMALLOWS! :) FYL, OP! That would suck, indeed! :(

The cereal part is the only reason I buy lucky charms >_>

The cereal part reminds me of dry cat food.

Lucky charms are the hearts, stars, and horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons, pots of gold, and rainbows, and the red balloons. The cerial part is just shaped cheerios.

I always wished they would just sell me the damn marshmellow part by itself.. What person (especially a kid) gives a fuck about the cereal part and didnt either a) choke it down first to have nothing but marshmellows left or b) avoided it entirely and only ate the marshmellows?

they got rid of the pots of gold. =(. its hour glasses now. not the same