By Iman - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I found out that the girl I've been dating online for over three months is actually a very bored 14-year-old boy. FML
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I can understand meeting people online.. but dating? -_-

hahaha that's pretty annoying.


hahaha that's pretty annoying.

yeah... I think that was me... sorry lucasi

haha I do stuff like that all the time

OP is obviously in denial

hahaha me and my buddies have sone that before, but only for like a week or 2, not a year lol

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get a real girlfriend loser

Ahah. That's not cool. It's not like online dating is like.. completely bad, but try meeting someone in real. :)

lol im sorry but my friend, ur now considered a pedo and i must arrest you because of it. people these days geeze

haha i do that all the time and sometimes set up fake dates XD

Welcome to the Internet! next time follow the simple rule of tits or gtfo

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Haha, catfished! Sorry, but why do people do that stuff?

he said it was three months

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agreed. YDI for dating online

it says 3 months not 1 year.

And you should learn to read.

3 months = 1 year You may want to learn about time.

Thank god! I thought I was the only one who noticed!

#421 I'm sorry did you say YDI for dating online? Woooooow, Why? You do realise about 30% of successful relationships start online

dude, youve been dating someone you have never met for over a year? FYL

it said three months...

Indeed, so many people misreading this one..

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he said 3 months u kangaroo bangin idiot

guys it said a year before but it got changed

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Faith in humanity lost...

#510 you can't change an FML once its been published

The mods change FMLs all the time.

I can understand meeting people online.. but dating? -_-

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It's not really "dating" if you've never been on a date .....and now you know why.

haha that's what you get for online dating! =P YDI

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i aqree:b

A 'q' is not a 'g'.

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Well...try meeting real women in the real world instead of 'dating' online. Nothing wrong with meeting people online to date in real life, but to spend a whole year talking to someone you've never met and calling it 'dating' is just sad.

It clearly says 3 months.. not over a year. There's nothing wrong with dating online, as long as you BOTH have intentions of connecting irl. Also, you should always validate who you're speaking to before doing anything drastic.. webcams? phone? Whatever floats your boat I guess.

ok people stop saying the 3 months vs. a yr because it got changed it was originally a year

Yeah, that's why I don't trust a lot of people online lol. That stinks though... oh wow. You didn't speak to the person on the phone? Surely the boy couldn't have disguised his voice that well?? =/

If he's 14, it's possible

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yea and also there are those voice changer thingies

Get a life, stop being a pervert... you can't "date" someone you can't see... Lay off the 14 year old boys weirdo.

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I dont think dating online is a good idea at all.