By IAMALITAHA - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Today, I had a job interview where I was interrupted for using the word creative because there is "only one creator". FML
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I personally wouldn't want to work somewhere where they have that attitude.

Tell him that the creator needs to be more creative when he "creates" his children then, because some people seem to have fallen far from the tree.


I personally wouldn't want to work somewhere where they have that attitude.

I should not have taking a sip of my drink before reading that.


No, you really shouldn't of (#22)

Auto correct is a bitch.

Not even auto correct would make that mistake.

#81 - I think Dianepm is referring to their own previous comment where they wrote "taking" instead of taken.

Suprised so many peaple got this

That doesn't seem like a great place to work

Tell him that the creator needs to be more creative when he "creates" his children then, because some people seem to have fallen far from the tree.

Y'all need Jesus

Yes, but still no. Especially if you're not saying "Y'all motherfuckers need Jesus".

You don't need to be rude just because someone doesn't get or like a joke.

Yes we do. It's the rules of the internet.

If we didn't nobody would know there place.

Are you perhaps applying to become a pastor?

I think even if you were applying to be a pastor you wouldn't be chastised for using the word "creative". There is something very wrong with the interviewer.

Even if he was, I would think a creative pastor would be better than the boring one that put you to sleep.

Wow....sorry OP but you might have to look for another job

I guess the job hunt continues?

Add me as a reference. I will support your case!

I don't think you'd be a good reference as far as this employer was concerned!

Have faith my friend. Have faith.

10 might not have any faith now, but maybe over time it will evolve.

Darwinism, if OP fails to get this job, he should apply to work for you. It'd be a natural selection.

Tell him that that's not very creative of him.

carcinogenic 7

Now let's all agree to never be creative again.

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How would you say you were creative then? I hate it when people essentially ban words like 'creative' and 'passionate'...sure, they may be heavily used but that's because they convey their meaning perfectly and there aren't really any other words that have the exact same meaning. As far as I'm concerned, use the words you think get your point across, just be prepared to back it up. The clichéd people are the ones that pick random buzzwords but don't have anything else.

rocker_chick23 27

#9 please tell us you're joking. Your comment is one of the dumbest ones I have seen today

#24 Innovative... I'm a mechanic by trade, trust me, my employer would rather I found an 'innovative' solution to a problem with someone's vehicle than a 'creative' one. Creative screams Duct tape and chewing gum.

so no one has innovated duct tape and chewing gum in repairs?

Also it was in the interview, not the OP's resume.

To me personally 'innovative' is more about new ways that people haven't thought of before whereas 'creative' is just about creating. Innovative makes me think of new inventions, creative makes me think of colourful arty things. Of course that's mostly personal bias but I think it's bias a lot of other people would have too. So it's difficult not to see the real or perceived differences in meaning, however subtle. Also, I think 'innovative' is going the same way as 'creative' and 'passionate', in people like 9's eyes anyway.

TL:DR, innovative may be better for your line of work buy creative may be better for other jobs. Either way, they're not exactly the same and so no word is really better than the other.

to be accurate, innovation is an improvement upon an existing idea or object. Creativity implies that something new will be formed. Ergo, creative is a better fit for the situation.

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