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By movingbuddy - This FML is from back in 2013 but it's good stuff - Australia - Sydney

Today, my boyfriend of a year asked me to move in with him. I would have been touched at this gesture, had he not asked in the form of a text message, saying, "Got kicked out. Wanna get a flat or something?" FML
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He's just a hopeless romantic..

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I ain't sayin she a gold digger...

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OP's boyfriend isn't a hopeless romantic; he's just hopeless.

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more like a homeless romantic

Wait, Twilight is supposed to be a love story?

Apparently that's what it turned out to be in the end. My whole life is a lie.

take the love triangle out of twighlight, you have a story about a place where it rains a lot. take the love triangle out of the hunger games, you have a story about a girl trying to survive being killed on tv.

In theory that could be put on every fml.

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No, if you take the love triangle out of Twilight you'd still have vampires vs. werewolves; an underground hierarchy of vampires that one particularly special clan of vampires have to fight and resist. There's also much more... Yes it's a tad sappy but there is a good story behind the romance.

Technically, the "werewolves" are only there because the Cullens stayed longer than average in Forks, causing the shifter blood to become prominent enough for them to change. The only reasons the Cullens stayed/returned to Forks was for Bella and her safety. Also, the Volturi didn't really care about the existence of the Cullens (more aptly; Edward and Alice) until Edward travels to Italy in a mislead attempt to end his life. Without Bella he would never had reason to seek suicide via the Volturi, who would never have a reason to enter the Cullens' lives. So a more apt description would be "everything would be fine and dandy if not for Bella." Which is the purpose of a Mary Sue - no one has anything remotely interesting going on in their lives outside of Bella.

Well, I can tell you're a Twilight fan 56

I read the books so I would now what I was ripping on, rather than jump in the bandwagon with everyone else to hate on the latest fad. I'll be honest - I enjoyed the first one. After that it went right down hill and became increasingly laughable.

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I thought Twilight was basically about a girl choosing between necrophilia and ***********. (not sure how to spell that, correct me)

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35 please don't compare The Hunger Games to Twilight. The Hunger Games is a story about a distopia and the spirit of rebellion that cannot be killed even by the strongest suppressions, Twilight is a story about a suicidal teenager who falls in love with a sparkly vampire and a dog.

you all are stupid! twilight is awsome, you just didn't get it because it was too smart for you

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Awesome* (username says it all)

71- no. just no. it's actually too STUPID for most people. the writing was so awful, cliché, simple and repetitive that literally anyone could read the books without a problem. you don't have to have more than a couple of brain cells to comprehend that it's just a shitty story about a boring, lifeless, brainless teenager; a bunch of sparkly, smelly vampires who play baseball during storms; and pedophile shape-shifters.

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Well, call him back and tell him to meet you for lunch. Then, you can discus your future together and the responsibility of moving in together! Also, texting is a way of life theses days, don't take it too personally OP. Maybe he thought you were busy or something! Also, that's how I moved out of my house; my parents were talking of kicking my out and I took it upon myself to grow up and take responsibility! Also, sorry for the novel!

But it's the way he did it by saying he got kicked out and then asking her implying the only reason he did it is because he's too broke to afford one on his own

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Or.. Just maybe seeing as he's now moving out/was kicked out.. When he thought abt it, he would like to be living with his gf.. Possible

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Some girls are ******* picky! So, he got kicked out and so he told you over text? Least he asked you and not someone else!

Couples are supposed to support each other. Him needing a new house is a good reason to move in together (if you see a future with him and you're serious about your relationship). So what? He's nothing romantic about everything he does... Honestly, why do you have to be romantic about moving in together? "Oh honey, you know I love you and I think we should move in together to consummate our love!" Not everything has to be like a marriage proposal. If you were willing to move with him, why does it matter the way he said it?

IME, desperate boys who get kicked out of their current living arrangements are not the kind that are capable of being self-supporting. They use their gf's as financial life rafts. Responsible adults do not get kicked out. If the lease runs out, or current abode is not working, responsible adults have plans for new housing well in advance, not "day of". He's a child who wanta his gf to "save" him.

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At least he asked you and not one of his buddies.

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Really? Er... I'm guessing you are a young person to say that. SO WHAT if he asked "one of his buddies". Actually, that would be much better. YOU DON'T move in during what I am assuming is a "romantic" relationship because of money!!!! Because the assumption is that one thing will lead to another, you will get comfy with paying the bills together, etc... and with this very apathetic and non-in-love attitude? Well, you could waste years with someone (I have, have known many others who have done so as well) when you COULD and SHOULD of been out trying to find someone who is not lukewarm about you and genuinely cares.

He should've been like, "Wanna get flat and then get a flat?" That would've improved the.. changing relationship.

That fell about thirty yards away from making any sense whatsoever

Translation: Do you want to have sex and then move in together?

He's asking you because he wants someone to share the rent. Why else would he wait until he got kicked out? Stay where you are woman.

What's wrong with sharing the rent? Are women not supposed to work and have everything provided for them by men their whole lives or something like that? Also, if the boyfriend lives (or lived) with his parents, then OP probably lives with her parents too. So yes, OP, stay where you are. Don't grow up and move out, it's a trap!

51 7 was saying that he was using her for rent and that if he really wanted to move in for love he would have asked sooner or phrased it differently.

Maybe, but i dont think that it necessarilly means that he is "using her for rent." He was probably comfortable living with his parents because he's still young and it was convienent. Not everyone has to pack up and move out on their 18th birthday. Now that his life circumstance has changed, it gave him the kick in the butt he needed to "grow up." Ya, it sounds kinda desperate, but being in a desperate situation doesn't mean that he is a totall ass and will just use people close to him to survive. He loved her enough for OP to stay with him while he lived with his folks, and he loves her enough to want to get a place with her, as opposed to getting a place with a buddy. Moving in with a girlfriend/boyfriend is a big step and indicates at least a little commitment, to me at least.

There's a difference between, "I got kicked out, as long as I'm getting a new place, do you want to move in together?" and "Got kicked out. Wanna get a flat or something?" The first means he actually wants to live with her. The second implies that he hasn't taken this decision seriously, and probably won't take as much responsibility as he should. If OP moved in with him she'd probably be paying most of the rent. Of course, I don't know OP or her boyfriend; I just know people. OP's boyfriend got kicked out for a reason, and I'm willing to bet that reason wasn't him being too responsible or too productive.

He was being honest he needs a place to live and the first person he chose to ask to live with is you what's wrong with that?

Hey not the most romantic, but at least he wants to live with you.

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Send him back one word: "Something." Then, smash your phone to bits and get a new one with a new number.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

Though it is possible to get a new number without getting a new phone, I like the added effect of the smashed phone :)

perdix 29

#31, the phone smashing clearly illustrates her rejection of his attempted mooch. When he asks why she hadn't responded to his further texts or calls, she can truthfully say that her phone broke.

Well, I don't know about you but I would've taken the flat bread... Oh wait we aren't talking about flat bread?

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#37, no, but go right ahead, flatbread is awesome! #8, that's how it's done ;)