It’s right there in the name: “Nearly FMLs”. These are FMLs, but not quite. They’re nearly FMLs. Here you’ll find the FMLs that were voted for positively by our users and that are waiting to be validated (or not) by the FML team, along with those that we rejected for being too similar to previous FMLs or not funny enough to our discerning tastebuds.
By Anonymous - / Thursday 1 June 2017 20:00 /
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By  Ivenoidea  |  1

maybe she has fallen in love with him/her, maybe she doesn't have many friends and thinks that the time he/her spends with you is time he/she can't spend with her, maybe she feels that he/she likes you more than her. In any case, she's just jealous, and the solution may be to spend hang out all together.

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