Today, my four-year-old son received a 20 Euro bill from his grandmother. Since he couldn't fit the bill into his piggy bank, he tore it up into a bunch of tiny pieces to make it fit. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 1 June 2017 21:00 / Italy
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By  Nova900  |  17

No problem. Just take the bill out and change it into a new one at the nearest bank. As long as you have most of the parts they will do that without questions. You can also let it stay inside the piggy bank until needed.

  pettyjohn1995  |  14

Midnalink, I couldn't reply to you so I hope you see this. Most countries use banks as a means to filter damaged or older paper bills out of circulation. The banks introduce newly minted money and remove the old on a regular basis, and will often accept damaged bills in exchange for a deposit or new bill. That or call your country's treasury and they will do the same.

By  zezili  |  18

I will never understand why the majority of the world doesn't use plastic notes :S we do in Australia and never have this problem, or a problem w leaving money in pockets in the wash...

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