By TCRII - / Tuesday 28 March 2017 22:00 / United States - Springfield
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By  inappropes  |  26

I would cry in happiness if I got free great dane puppies. (Of course if it is not feasible to keep them that sucks) My childhood friend had one and he is the best dog I have ever know.

By  Turtleizer567  |  1

Infinite puppy snuggerssssss!!!!!! I am so effen jealous right now.

By  GhostFox  |  33

As someone who has trouble walking their 20lb mix breed who is basically all muscle... I would be very upset about the accidental puppy acquisition because large breed dogs are so hard to rehome.

  species4872  |  19

You're not one of those stick people whose pictures are on the back windows of cars are you?


Today, my boyfriend came over for the first time after we made up from a huge fight. He loves my cat, but she's sick right now so she wouldn't play with him. He yelled at me for "making" her not like him by "telling her lies". FML

By littlekellilee - / Monday 7 October 2013 16:20 / Canada - Fredericton

Today, I left the house I'm staying at, not knowing that thunderstorms were forecast. I came back from work to find dog shit splattered all over the kitchen. Apparently the dogs I'm watching don't like thunder. FML

By Hiimhaileypotter - / Monday 14 July 2014 22:48 / United States - Fredericksburg
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