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By TCRII - 28/03/2017 22:00 - United States - Springfield

Today, my wife and I went to the airport to pick up the new German Shepherd puppy that we agreed to get, making it 4 dogs in the family. I don't remember agreeing to also get 4 Great Dane puppies, bringing the total to 8 dogs. FML
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More like 12 dogs... shit. Great Danes might as well count as 2 each.

I agree, your wife sucks.


More like 12 dogs... shit. Great Danes might as well count as 2 each.

Sounds like a big happy family

I would cry in happiness if I got free great dane puppies. (Of course if it is not feasible to keep them that sucks) My childhood friend had one and he is the best dog I have ever know.

I doubt they were free... I think OP's wife ordered them, and neglected to mention that to OP.

sounds like heaven

Turtleizer567 1

Infinite puppy snuggerssssss!!!!!! I am so effen jealous right now.

As someone who has trouble walking their 20lb mix breed who is basically all muscle... I would be very upset about the accidental puppy acquisition because large breed dogs are so hard to rehome.

Really? You have trouble walking a 20lb dog?

Lmao my 10 month old pup is 68.5 pounds. He would be the one walking you.

species4872 19

You're not one of those stick people whose pictures are on the back windows of cars are you?

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can't call the breeder and ship them back? or did your wife forget to mention the extras she ordered?

I agree, your wife sucks.

That picture sucks ass