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By  maharb01  |  17

I knew a guy in college whose last name was "Numbers" and he'd put his name on homework and tests as "#s"

that was, of course, before people (in the us anyways, terminology differs regionally) said hashtag for that symbol.

By  Glowworm56  |  25

Are symbols even allowed when it comes to naming your baby? I'm heavily reminded of a news story where a couple in New Zealand were not allowed to legally name their baby 4Real because there was a number in his name. So they went with a totally normal name for him instead, Superman.

By  Kitiara521  |  23

Good lord, I hope the moron isn't already pregnant. I would feel so sorry for that kid that I actually would donate to a gofundme for a name change. That kid, and my mom's cousin Pepsi.

Freaking morons, man.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

F your life? More like F the kid's life.