By kaikaicaligirl - 21/03/2013 23:55 - United States - Escondido

Today, I saw some pictures of my boyfriend drunkenly kissing his ex on Facebook. I asked him about it, and he reassured me the pictures were from months ago. Unfortunately for him, I happened to notice a small tattoo on his neck. The same tattoo I went with him just last week to get. FML
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We've been together seven months and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

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Super Sleuth, he is a ********.

Alcohol, the solution to and cause of all of life's problems.


I'm sorry! That sucks!

TorisaurusRexxx 10

Ya know, there's a button for that.

Super Sleuth, he is a ********.

Alcohol, the solution to and cause of all of life's problems.

I don't drink and still fail to understand why people need to drink. Most acohol tastes like crap and I don't want to drink something that has a side effect call stupidity.

ColonelCusswords 24

Why is this comment so accurate

Wizardo 33

Either have a proper talk about it or go ahead and get rid of him, either way your relationship isn't gonna be the same. Up to you to decide your destiny young Skywalker... going off topic but yhhhh...

Shadow_Phantom 26

Busted! FYL, girl.

I disagree. YDI for dating a guy with a tattoo on his neck.

What the hell? What's so wrong with dating a guy with a tattoo on his neck?

Yes, because CLEARLY the tattoo placement is the cause of all this.

Neck tattoos have I have a great carrier and I make good life decisions written all over them. Oh wait it's the exact opposite.

68, still worth it if you can use it to tell people that you own an awesome aircraft carrier.

I have no problem with tattoos, but on your neck? I guess who cares unless your trying to get a job in a professional environment. It just doesn't show an extreme amount of class. Or any.

squideth 18

To people bitching about neck tattoos, why do you care so much? Why do you care enough about OTHER PEOPLE'S life choices so much? Remember, judging others says NOTHING about them, and EVERYTHING about you. And trust me, it doesn't say anything nice

Name a successful person other than an athlete with a neck tattoo. I'll wait......

Surely you mean ex. Also you're better off without the wanker.

fylx100 19

I wouldn't say ex just yet. I would "forgive" him and go buy a new outfit for me and make sure he knows about it. Then I would go kiss my ex and have the pics uploaded on Facebook and tell him its just an "old picture." I hate cheaters. They need to feel what it's like. Two wrongs don't make a right, but it sure as hell feels great! ... And today is the day I realized I'm a complete bitch :/

If my Girl were to cheat on me by kissing another man while we were together, she would be single and out of my Flat in a matter of hours....and i would laugh while i slammed to door in her face. But then again I am an Arsehole

Wouldn't that make you a cheater too? Also, you'd be involving another person's feelings as well... I wouldn't think that dragging your ex into a situation between you and your should-be ex-boyfriend is really necessary... Honestly, OP, just dump him. Plain and simple. Don't sink to his level. Come out of the situation as the better person.

chrisp87 11

Ouch! I'm sorry for your misfortune OP you're better off without him anyway.

Why do you have a Photoshoped middle finger

I guess the truth serum from the alcohol wasn't in effect when you asked about it.. Get rid of him. Doesn't deserve you!

Couldn't you check the date the photo was uploaded instead?

hellobobismyname 24

Why would she need to? The tattoo is proof enough.

#9, I thought the same thing since it was on FB.. But, if she was using an iPhone per-say, she wouldn't have been able to see that information.

And #13.. I believe, it was the fact that she went to reassure the date first with him, rather than finding out the date from FB first. And than going back to the photo and realizing. It just would have been more efficient for her.

@21, I fail to see your point. I can upload a photo right now on facebook, so it will say uploaded today but it could be a photo from years ago. Since she was uncertain about the date, she asked, and he lied.

Fail to see my point if you'd like, #33, haha.. I'm assuming as ALL people assume with FML's. Usually, in most common cases.. People will upload a recent photo very close to the time it was taken.. I'm assuming based on that theory. Your theory, however, is also correct.

He could also claim that it just hasn't been uploaded until now.

Not exactly #37... Since everything is already out in the open.... Good try though!

39- What does "already out in the open" mean here? Just want to clarify what you're saying...

Time to tattoo his face with your fist. Think of it like a timestamp for future facebook pictures.