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By FullOfShit - 17/3/2019 12:00
Today, I have been off my medication to control diarrhea because I have surgery tomorrow and I’m not allowed to take it. I have constant diarrhea now & can’t take any medicine. Surgery will be messy...FML
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By  pins91  |  27

There’s only so much shit in your body. It’ll empty eventually.

By  Phil  |  14

I'm sure that you discussed all of this with your surgeon. They should be able to do something about it. From my experience though when you have major surgery, your intestinal system actually shuts down; so it really shouldn't be a problem.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

Why not solve the issue of you having constant diarrhea instead? Why take a pill to make the symptoms go away? Are you THAT into *whatever is causing your constant diarrhea* (probably lactose)? That you don't have the will-power to stop shoveling it into your intake hole? Here's a quick solution for you, if you gave up the bad shit you won't need pills or surgery and can live a happy fulfilling life. Or.... Krispy Kreme OMGnomnomnom*DEAD*. Your choice.