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By Noname - 02/02/2013 19:23 - United States

Today, I got stuck in an elevator for 2 hours with my boyfriend and the guy that I have been secretly having an affair with for 6 months. FML
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I just hope your boyfriend is banging someone else.

starberries 0

I hope her boyfriend is banging the same guy.


I just hope your boyfriend is banging someone else.

starberries 0

I hope her boyfriend is banging the same guy.

That would be so fucken epic!! WIN^^^^^^

omg that's epic^^ biggest punch to the face lol

It's whores like you that makes the world a place where you can't trust anyone.

#282 so much win

How do you get -17 likes from one three letter word?! XD

Go to a brothel, because that is where you belong.

Eldraken, things don't "just happen" to you, they do "just happen" around you, you're either in control of your libido or you're not. If you are, you pass from one relationship to another but behave with dignity and treat people with respect, if you don't you just go around hurting people because what you want is most important. It's that simple.

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Yes. And unfortunately she should then not have one as her BOYFRIEND and the other as the SECRET. If she couldn't decide between them then don't make a commitment to one and screw around with the other. Do you have any sense of MORALS? That's why this world is so fucked up because people can't seem to keep their damn hands to themselves. No respect. No love. No care. Pfft. Disgusting.

Rt, did you forget your meds? last I checked screwing people behind your significant other's back counts as a whore and a slut.

Well, its true that she's not a whore or a slut. Since slut/whore means they have sex with alot of people. But if she couldn't decide then tell the other... That's so dumb that you could think that. And she's a bitch who deserves it is true.

We don't assume she's cheating...she IS cheating. She told us "...with my boyfriend and the guy I've been secretly having an affair with" shut your mouth you don't know what you're sayin

She is a cheater. Cheater = Slut

gnattine 11

You're an idiot.

And then she should make up her mind and how about NOT cheat on her boyfriend?

Dude, this isn't twilight.

"If you find yourself loving two people at the same time, choose the second one because if you truly loved the first, you wouldn't have fallen in love with the second one." -JD

Sounds to me like you want to justify the cheating OP because you are in the same boat yourself; that is the S.S. CHEATING WHORES

websphere69 27

Whores get paid, usually money but I suppose drugs are just as good.... Sorry to hear you have low morals, just remember this when it happens to you and you get hurt. Karma sucks....

vandeele 8

Seriously. You're an idiot. Someone who cheats on their bf/gf or husband/wife is a damn whorebag. Might as well live in the playboy mansion because that's where you belong.

You're a dumb whore like her.

Don't think a slut is based on the total number of sexual partners...but the ease in which sex is given to these people.

Doesn’t change the fact she’s cheating on her boyfriend. If you wanna go sleep with someone else, break up with them first. This is fair judgement of her.

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cheater = bad person

cornielious 1

Yes they do have a reason that they cheat- They cheat because they lack the morals and strength to do the right thing. More commonly, the person simply doesn't care and only thinks of themselves. If someone is selfish enough to ignore the pain they cause to someone they care about, and continue shamelessly for 6 months. i would consider them a pretty rotten person.

xxHaley2011xx 8

Yeah, there's no excuse for cheating. I'll admit that I made that mistake once, but I ended up getting cheated on after that, an it sucks. There's no excuse for it.

a good person wouldn't cheat. You are probably trying to reassure yourself about "being a good person" you are a bad person if you cheat. dumb cunt.

NehNehPwn 20

So this is how retarded some people on this site are? Wow.

26, you're trying awfully hard to convince cheaters aren't bad. Have you cheated in the past by any chance?

Cheating does make you a bad person, if you don't like the relationship THEN END IT don't lead the poor person on and once they figure it out make them even more upset then if you just broke up with them

Cheater does always = bad person. Yes there is always a reason. However there is never a justifiable one to cheat.

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How the hell else do i determine someone's personality? By reading their mind?

friedpwnadge 25

I bet you're one of those whorish cheaters yourself, rt.

rt IS DEFINITELY a cheater. Look at this person defending it left and right. My God what is wrong with people like that

@rt, just go die in a hole and shut up.

Someone's actions is EXACTLY what defines their personality, unless you'd rather we went by looks?

meganl_fml 0

i agree with 11. can i call you a slut in here without it getting deleted?

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Yeah. Yeah, it does. If a person's too much of a pussy to end a relationship with someone, too stupid to realize what they're doing is wrong, and too uncaring to realize who they're hurting by cheating, then yes, they are a bad person. I also love this implied statement that cheating on people under some conditions is right.

OMG just shut up already

You make yourself seem dumber with every comment rt.

oakcrush 16

#33 You are a humongous idiot.

KarmaRules4 7

Every single cheater is a bad person. There is never an acceptable reason for it. They commit a depraved act. Not to mention, it proves they can't be trusted

hernamewaslola 0

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Bitch needs to be told she's a whore. And no I'm not calling her a bitch because she's female. Anyone who cheats is a bitch/lying whore.

KarmaRules4 7

She was reflecting on a position she wouldn't have been in if she had any sense or morals. Not only is she a slut, she also is deluded enough to think she deserves sympathy for her depravity

lemonkid44 0

ok i didn't read any of these comments but im going to go ahead and join the majority here... i have NO sympathy for cheaters. if anything, you should tell your boyfriend. this is horrible. fuck HIS life, not yours. heres to hoping he finds someone whos not a dirty cheater

Thank you. You win. I agree completely!

*clap clap clap clap clap*