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By  Uniquestar7  |  20

I'd recommend you see your doctor for a hormone profile and an abdominal ultrasound. Sounds like PCOS. Time to start a healthy diet and exercise. Improving insulin sensitivity usually makes the situation better.

  Uniquestar7  |  20

The pelvis can be visualised through the abdominal wall. That's the usual method to see, for example, the urinary bladder and uterus, which are also pelvic organs. A hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) can similarly be performed through the abdominal wall.

By  Lemou_fml  |  25

Add some balls, shaft, toe hair, foot hair, knee hair, ass hair, 4 hairs on each nipple and your whole head to this one and I'll understand your complaint. If there's nothing wrong with you, you just hairy. I'm a guy and I'm not hairy enough to leave something behind or I'll look like a near thornless obtuse cactus. Work with what you got, because there's only one of you. You matter.

By  beybmoo  |  15

When I read this, the first person I think of is painter, Frida Kahlo. She's hairy too & I think she is beautiful! I'm female too & I also have to shave in between my brows & yup, I also have a shadowy upper lip. You're not alone!