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By tobuscus9412 - 28/6/2016 11:37
Today, I "accidentally" kissed another girl while wasted at a party. My friend convinced me being honest was the right thing to do, so I told my girlfriend. She broke up with me on the spot. FML
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By  Oh_No_Not_Him  |  25

Well you can sort of see her point - this time it was an "accidental" kiss. Next time it might be an "accidental" anal threesome. Once she can't trust you it's going to end badly.

By  Oh_No_Not_Him  |  25

Well you can sort of see her point - this time it was an "accidental" kiss. Next time it might be an "accidental" anal threesome. Once she can't trust you it's going to end badly.

  michaelaranda  |  28

Once, my girlfriend got really drunk at a party and kissed a friend. I forgave her because honestly, it was an accident and a mistake. She felt really guilty about it and was honest to me. I don't think op is blameless, but I can understand how the situation he is in sucks.

Also if my girlfriend had sex with someone while she was drunk, I would break up with her. But everyone is different.

And ops girlfriend has the right to end the relationship. Still sucks tho.

  julako  |  22

You can clearly see that the OP is very sorry and very sad. If they were in a monogamous relationship, then this was a fault and people make faults. Love is more than rules in my opinion. But I also see the GF and if her decision is right for her, it's good she stands up for herself in that way.

I feel very sad for you, OP. But please don't draw the conclusion to not be honest in the future, I think you did all you could do after being fallible/human.

  hoosierholla  |  17

I'm sorry, how can you clearly see that the op is sad and feels guilty? He had to be convinced to tell his girlfriend, and it sounds like he's blaming that friend for his relationship ending.

  khiiirsty  |  14

So I gave this a YDI, but I took the quotes around accidental as the OP implying that he knows being drunk is a weak excuse for cheating as opposed to him deliberately planting a kiss. It's as if to say "I did kiss her while I was drunk as a skunk and didn't intend to but I understand that I can't entirely blame it on the alcohol."

  trumpetsk  |  13

So women who have sex while drunk aren't raped? Fantastic! Alcohol damn well is an excuse the guy is still in the wrong but his judgement was severely impaired.

  Danne696  |  14

#68 No, they're not. Women can have consensual sex when they're drunk, it is not uncommon for women to go to bars to find contemporary sexpartners either (at least where I live). Alcohol can serve as an explanation to a bad decision but never as an excuse since a drunk person is still responsible for their actions.

  annalily5  |  28

There is a big fucking difference between being tipsy or even very drunk, and being floored and in and out of consciousness.
Why the fuck do people act like they've never heard of different degrees of drunk when the problem of sexual assault comes up? Two tipsy people hooking up is not what people are talking about when they talk about raping someone who is drunk. There is a very big difference between two tipsy, or drunk people, willingly hooking up, and someone who is tipsy or drunk going assaulting an unconscious person. And there certainly is no excuse when a tipsy person is watching their own intake while plying a less experienced drinker with sweet beverages that don't taste very alcoholic but that actually have a shit ton in them with the intention of making the person they are plying too weak to resist an assault.

By  tigerisabelle  |  31

"Today I was a piece of shit and cheated on my girlfriend and now she doesn't want anything to do with my pee-pee anymore... FML"

Yeah nobody feels sorry for you, dude. You brought that shit on yourself. Don't cheat if you want to be in a relationship, it's rule #1