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By LeaveMeAlone - / Tuesday 28 March 2017 12:00 / Canada - Qu?bec
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By  Cynical_1  |  26

Ok, so the way I see it you have two options...you can either kick him in the nuts so hard he never wants to date anyone ever again, or you can get a restraining order. I recommend the latter...less chance of jail time.

  kadrynna  |  18

The first thing is assault, the second thing; she wouldn't be eligible for a restraining order. You can't get one unless you have been threatened or stalked and you have sufficient proof. My question is, how is OP still in contact with an ex-coworker who has repeatedly asked her out and been rejected? If this makes her uncomfortable, maybe breaking contact would be a good start?

By  Yudith  |  17

The guy doesn't understand "no"? You can tell him in French, or you can tell him in Spanish, or you can talk non stop about your bedbugs/psoriasis/herpes problem, or you can talk to him like he's a sentient turd, or you can bribe a bodybuilder to pretend he's your boyfriend, or you can pick your nose/teeth in front of him, burp in his face, or a combination of the above. You can also try the Mediterranean cuisine; it's full of onions and garlic.

  rifletwirler92  |  15

You can actually. 9 times out of 10, persistence isn't endearing, it's annoying. By the third time it starts getting creepy. If he can't accept a "No" for a date, what other "No's" is he going to ignore?

  GhostFox  |  33

Uh, no, OP can DAMN well blame him for being persistent. If someone says "No," you should assume they mean "No." If you are rude, invasive, and selfish enough to ask again and they say "No," AGAIN, they definitely mean it, and you are being a creep. If you ask a THIRD time, you are just an asshole with boundary issues, who refuses to understand the meaning of "No," and sees people as objects rather than people. If you are turned down, you have BEEN TURNED DOWN, end of question. Don't "but" or "if" about it. If they change their mind THEY will ask YOU.

By  Tayleena97  |  11

Once you express that you do not want to date someone, any approach after that is unwanted and therefore harassment. Be careful, if this persists you may want to/ have to call the cops for him to finally get the hint.

  species4872  |  19

Not necessarily, just because someone says no to a date doesn't mean they will say no in the future. It all depends upon the time scale. Peoples feelings do change over time.

  rifletwirler92  |  15

Yeah. That requires there to be a fundamental change in the relationship. You can't just wait a bit, with nothing changing between the two of you, and then saying, "How about now?"

  species4872  |  19

I know many people who had no interest in their partners initially, some openly antagonistic to each other. Some of them eventually married. The smallest things can change anyone's opinion of someone else.
Like the old saying, "Maybe they're not so bad after all"

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