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By divorcedparents - 14/01/2017 16:00

Today, after a month of complaining that she doesn't see me enough, I spent the weekend at my mother's house. I got there, only to discover that the only food in the house is Lucky Charms, Coca-Cola and Bailey's. I'm not old enough to drink Bailey's and I hate Coca-Cola. FML
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Offer to help with groceries shopping and get all your favorite food.


Offer to help with groceries shopping and get all your favorite food.

But have you ever drank baileys from a shoe? Ya old scaley man fish.

I'm Old Greg!

Some people only have tap water, and in the city's the tap water from my experience is nasty

Maybe she is planning to take you out to eat?

Since they are magically delicious, the Lucky Charms ought to make your weekend great! Or "they" have been lying to us for decades.

You won't die if you drink water lol

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Note to #7 above: As someone who has said those exact words in the past, lemme tell you the staff of this site does not take kindly to these words. You will be given a first and last warning for going against community guidelines.

Woah what the hell did 7 say?

I agree your life sucks because you don't like Coca Cola !

Pour Baileys into the Lucky Charms and you've got a win in my book.

OP said they're not old enough to drink it. Their mom might not let them and not everyone wants to commit underage drinking. Some prefer to wait.