By MikaykayUnicorn - 21/09/2014 14:57 - Australia

Today, a guy told me I "kind of look like a girl" if he looked at me from the right angle. Well, I am a girl, and this is the closest thing to a compliment that I've gotten in years. FML
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Okay, this is about to sound really dumb. But unless someone happened to have the same thing happen to them and happened to post it on FML the same day as I, I'm the OP. I'm unsure because of the fact that it says Australia and Anonymous. Hmm. To explain things a little more: he was totally kidding. We joke around like this a lot. I wasn't offended, until I realised I haven't received an actual compliment in years. We had been talking about how his parents normally believe that he's dating any girl he speaks to, except me. I responded by saying , "Oh, so I don't look like a girl?" I wasn't fishing for compliments, in case you were wondering. (I'd also like to say thank you to anyone who commented anything like "I bet you're beautiful". Reading the comments made my day.) I just said it as a joke. He replied, "Kind of, from the right angle." It wasn't meant to offend me, but it did make my day a pretty bad when I thought about it too much. Oh well, he didn't mean any harm. I also don't dress like a guy, and don't have a short haircut. I also wear makeup. So I don't believe I have many "manly" features.

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I hope you looked at his angle and kicked him there.

You and your friend are silly. :P Looks like my assumptions were totally wrong. Ha ha! But just because you don't get complimented much doesn't mean you're not attractive. Most people feel awkward giving compliments out loud. Doesn't mean they're not thinking them. :)


I hope you looked at his angle and kicked him there.

Somebody said OP looks like a girl so they clearly deserve to be put in immense pain. Violence is apparently the answer for everything.

It's only when a mosquito lands on your testicles that you realize there is always a way to solve a problem without using violence!

@35 ...rapists, murders... Pretty much anyone who is trying to harm you does deserve that.

Of course they do, more than one way to bring an asshole to their knees

I just don't understand why you used an owl when your avatar is a dog.

I'm more concerned trying to figure out what the hell the point was...

Dont worry better things will come :) As for that guy... He can go **** himself lol

Exactly! You don't need anyone to tell you you're beautiful when you can tell yourself and believe it. Don't let others justify your own worth :)

I'm pretty sure there's an angle on your fist, too

You should have said, "Oh cool so do you!" :D

Don't let that idiot get you down darlin, I'm sure you're beautiful

"You are beautiful/No matter what they say/Words can't bring me down/ You are beautiful/In every single way/Yes, words can't bring me down..." I probably butchered the lyrics a bit, I don't remember them exactly.

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if shes happy with how she looks, why does she need a makeover?

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If she's posting this on fml it's safe to say she's not happy with how she looks

Or it could mean she is happy with how she looks but not happy with the fact that some ignorant person put her down for it

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#20 & #31 are right. I'm totally happy with how I look, and I dress very feminine. No make over needed, thank you.

You should have told him that you look better than his personality.

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He's actually a very kind person. Just said something he shouldn't have.