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By dexasterous - / Thursday 21 June 2018 15:00 /
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By  RichardPencil  |  25

You should just mark time at your current work until you can find another job.

If your boss is willing to throw you under the bus for his mistake, he showed you all you need to know about him. Move on!

By  julfunky  |  25

Don’t put up with that crap.

I never had a manager do something so pathetic. I was able to rely on my supervisors and managers to help me deal with those types of situations. That’s the kind of place you need to aim for — the basic “I don’t treat my employee like a door mat” place.

If your place of employment can’t offer that basic quality then you need to start searching elsewhere.

  PorchKitty  |  12

That's ideal, you're lucky but sadly good leadership can be hard to find these days. Many many companies don't seem to understand (or care) that there is a huge difference between a "boss/manager" and a "leader." One simply issues orders and expects them to be followed blindly, looking out only for him/herself. The other teaches and leads by example, looking out for their employees and the company. I've seen too many unqualified people get promoted to management (often because they're screwing things up and their boss doesn't want to deal with them anymore but can't/doesn't want to fire them for whatever reason) so they pass that person off to be someone else's problem. Then we end up with FMLs like this.

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