The strangeness of strangers

By zomg - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United States - Port Saint Lucie

Today, while at work as a cashier, I tried to be sweet and ID an elderly man buying a bottle of wine. He responded by calling me a "blind-ass bitch" and calling my manager for "harassing" him. FML
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bbedlock_fml 7

Some people just need to learn to take compliments once in a while...

user324234324 1

I think you'd get a better result if you did that to an old lady


Don't you just love people with no sence of humour..? Dw op, some people just have a stick up their ass..

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I expect if the old fella said he had no I.D on him, the OP would have expressed that she was in fact only joking and trying to compliment him for maybe looking young for his age?? xx

Well, I'm going to assume that he drove there, and therefore, had a drivers license on him, which would be an ID. He just has no sense of humor!

Too bad it is the law you must have a valid form of identification on your person at all times. Whether he had been ID'd in 40 years or not, he is legally required to have active posession of his ID. But I'm fairly certain this is a case of this man being pure lazy.

Don't you just love people who can't spell..?

Being a cashiers is not very exciting as it is.. Getting involved with a conversation sometimes brighten up the day a little.. And usually, when complimenting another person, don't people answer with "oh, how sweet of you" not "You bitch! How dare you!?"...?

That's completely false....there is no federal mandate that ALL adults must ALWAYS carry ID on them. Perhaps in an individual state or something, but absolutely not nation wide. That's like saying to go on a 10 mile run you could be fined for not having ID....

tiptoppc 18

In Nebraska, you can truly be fined for running 10 miles without ID. It’s used frequently in North Omaha to disenfranchise the minorities and usually is a tacked on, trumped up charge they add to justify random stopping and searches of people.

He will probably take his meds with it later, since he obviously didn't take them this morning.

user324234324 1

I think you'd get a better result if you did that to an old lady

6- hopefully he had his Id if he was driving. That's only assuming he drove.

Why is my comment showing up as a main comment? This was a response to one.

Why is FML being so weird? I can't see my previous comment all the time and now a response comment is being posted as a regular comment. Wth?!

I'm guessing he was drunk while buying the wine?

If he was, then OP wouldn't be allowed to let him buy the wine because he was drunk already(if he was).

If he was, then OP wouldn't be allowed to sell him alcohol.

What? You can buy alcohol drunk as long as you aren't making a scene. Haven't heard of that.

That's not true

omnomnicon 9

Yeah, that only works on middle-aged women.

KiwiKitten 2

People are weird and don't understand compliments. I wouldn't take it too personally.

Carding an obviously elderly person isn't a compliment, it's really transparent patronizing.

Company policy is a bitch

jasmine1259 2

Seriously, when I worked at target, everyone had to have an id. The computer wouldn't allow the transaction without one.

49, I don't think you really understand what's happening:/

1) Obliviousness is a bitch too, but I see that hasn't stopped you

Actually this FML could be taken different ways... She said she tried to be sweet and I.D. Him. I get it... She could have also been trying to be sweet about it because it IS company policy and she knew no matter what she had to ask. I worked at a bank for 6 years and got yelled at constantly because I would ask for identification. Anyways, this could be taken either way.. No need to attack one person for thinking differently.

What if the op was joking around I.Ding him implying he looked young? That could support the being sweet part

103. The FML simply was stating how she was trying to flatter the man and got shut down. Whether or not it is company policy to card is irrelevant

Ummm... That's what she meant by being "sweet"

To those of you who can't seem to understand this simple FML: Company policy was to check the ID of people who appeared young. The OP, seeing that the customer was obviously old and as such not in need of being ID'd, decided to act cute and make believe the customer appeared to be youthful. The 'correct' response for the customer would have been to laugh and maybe say something like "ah, thanks sweetie", and then (assuming the OP knew how to correctly continue the transaction) pay for his item and leave. The customer should have only gotten angry if he was told that he'd still have to show ID after the joke got a laugh.

RoseTintMyWorld 8

It may not be company policy, I know some Tobacco/Liquor stores have signs that say "People who appear to be under the age of 40 require identification". I really think OP was trying to give the guy a compliment and he just took it wrong.

Epsilonyx 15

I don't understand that policy. Unless someone goes to great lengths and hires a makeup artist to make you resemble an elderly person, it is not difficult to differentiate between an 18 year old and a 60 year old, so why ID them? If it's not policy...just why?

No, its not difficult to differentiate between an 18 and a 60 year old but that's why you don't have to ID 60 years olds. However it is difficult to differentiate between 17 (a minor) and 18, or even 17 and 19.

They were trying to make the old guy feel good by saying " I'm going to ID you because you don't look that old" they were just trying to be nice but it can be annoying.

I don't think it would annoy women that much :P My mum would LOVE to be ID'd haha.

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Epsilonyx 15

37, I specifically referred to a 60 year old and an 18 year old lol. By "I don't understand that policy", I'm referring to the fact that it's necessary to ID someone who is clearly above 18. 65, it is relevant because an 18 year old is not 21 and it would be understandable to ID them.

Epsilonyx 15

Plus, I didn't really realize that it's a compliment to ID an old man lol. I thought they ID'd them because it was policy. Nevermind.

meggy2010 5

My brother is 28 and he still gets ID all the time, meanwhile I know some 18 years old who look like their 25. Some people just have a younger face and some have an older face. I worked at a grocery store for 3 years, and if I couldnt tell they where 40 or older I had to ID. The only time I didn't ID someone was if they had gray hair, if I knew them, or if I had ID them before. It's not being rude, it's being safe.

raney150 0

66-America* and the same kind of concept could apply. It can be difficult to differentiate between a 20 year old and a 21 year old. Or anywhere close to that age.

Most stores (least here) you have to id anyone who looks younger than 25. And I take it she most likely worked on a quiet day, got bit bored and wanted to give a compliment to a customer to engange in small talk.

makowiec 11

^ You do realise a lot of people on this website aren't from American? Sigh..

makowiec 11

Whoops my phone stuffed up and hid some comments.. Ignore that :p ^

bbedlock_fml 7

Some people just need to learn to take compliments once in a while...

Epsilonyx 15

What compliment?

She wasn't assuming that he was old. Most people are flattered by that.

Can't say I blame him...not having to deal with the whole ID thing is probably one of the few ups of being elderly. Sorry OP, but even though the gesture was kinda sweet, YDI.

Epsilonyx 15

Why did I get so many thumbs down? Haha I was legitimately asking what the compliment is

The compliment that he looks young.

22cute 17

It's not really a compliment past a certain age, sorry to say.

Actually, I work at walmart and it asks "is customer under 40" and you hit enter or total for yes or no. If yes you need to enter their ID. Otherwise you don't need to. Same with tobacco.

Exactly. Once my father was buying wine and the cashier asked to see his ID. When my dad showed him, the cashier was very surprised. He thought my dad was 20. it made my dad really happy. Lol.