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Today, I have an Urinary Tract Infection, causing me to have to use the bathroom about every ten minutes. I'm also about to leave on a 15 hour car trip with my entire family. FML
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DRINK CRANBERRY JUICE. I had the same thing and my mom suggested it. Home remedy. just drink about a liter of it and it'll go away. There is something in the juice that clears everything up!! I hope that helps...

oh man, that blows! fyl :( i hope you survive the trip!


oh man, that blows! fyl :( i hope you survive the trip!

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At the risk of sounding like Buzz Killington: You shouldn't be going anywhere with anyone if you have any type of infection unless not going has an immediate impact on your academic life.

You obviously know nothing about UTIs. They are not contagious. It's not like syphilis or something. It's when bacteria gets up into your urinary tract (bladder, ureters, kidneys). You can't give it to someone else.

Very true.... they are common (especially for females) and at least a few of the people you come in contact with every day probably have an active urinary tract infection. Also, you don't actually have to pee every 10 minutes, but it definitely feels like it. Try bargaining with your family for a pit stop every 2 hours. Also, get some cranberry pills (ask the pharmacist if you don't know what they are) and take some vitamin C. Both will help you get over the infection sooner.

i've actually found that enduring the discomfort of holding it eventually stops that sensation. it's giving in and going to the bathroom constantly that makes me feel worse. if you can, stop in to a vitamin shop and get some d-mannose capsules. those things work like MAGIC on UTIs. it's actually better if you don't take antibiotics, which can kill the good bacteria in your system and allow the bad bacteria to build up a resistance.

All this sounds like too much work. Simple solution: get some big water bottles and a funnel from the garage/basement. Problem solved.

Yes, they are contagious. But I doubt the OP would do that with her family ... Water bottles won't be much help to a woman. And on top of all the nuisance her company would cause the family, she could be in serious pain. So: this is the time to suck it up and stay at home.

The above people are totally right when they tell you to stop going so often to relieve the urge. I'm doing it today until I can make it the doctor. Drink lots of water and cranberry juice (not cocktail), and don't go until your bladder is full. Then go to the bathroom but as soon as you finish urinating, stop trying! Repeat process until the pain no longer returns. Side note: This only helps deal with symptoms and will not kill the infection. You should see your doctor about that.

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I disagree about the holding it in. the few times I've had one, when I felt I had to go, that meant: get the heck to the bathroom or else im going to pee my pants. lol no but really, so if she unfortunately is like me with that, that'll be one heck of a trip.

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LOL vanita is stupid. UTIs are NOT contagious. you can have sex while on a uti (though it's not recommended because it could make things worse) and your partner WILL NOT catch it from you. it's not an STD, it's an infection that is not sexually transmitted. it occurs when bacteria gets pushed into the urethra

Adding to everyone else's advice: Azo puts out a wonderful over the counter version of Pyridium, it'll make you pee bright orange but it stops the urgency and burning.

it helps better if you dont go too often.

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I thought one of the main reasons for a UTI was aggressive sex. Is the pain worth the gain?

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Lots of sex can give you UTIs (well, for girls anyway), but so can lots of things. It's true that holding it will do it; I had tons of UTIs as a kid due to that. But I think maybe the first commenter was suggesting that it's best not to go every 10 minutes, the way you feel you have to with a UTI. Because you don't ACTUALLY have to pee that often with a UTI, you just feel that way.

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Actually the biggest cause isn't sex in general it's not urinating after having sex (for girls)

its funny i saw this fml. a couple days ago i heldin my pee aaaall day because i have a nervous bladder and it is impossible to use the restroom when i know someone can hear. now i cannot stop peeing! it doesnt burn but once a finish a get a pretty harsh pain, will this just go away?

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dammmn I hope it's not a rough ride or nething. well hopefully you'll feel better once the ride is over

I feel your pain, OP. I have a urinary tract infection right now, too, but I'm not going on a long trip. I wish I was. But, FYL

Is it cystitus? I HATE that! I so feel your pain if it's that.

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It's sister titus? Sister titus hurts! Daddy used to hurt too

Ouch! That blows man. Bring a bucket, air freshener, and cleaner. Pee in the bucket, dump it out the car, clean it with windex, and spray air freshener. Good luck!

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That sucks! I know the feeling - I had UTI once and I had to go in my boss's car and made him stop every 5 mins so that I could pee 1ml at a time.

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Obviously you know nothing about urinary tract infection, child.